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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

24 hour haiku answerphone details, and ambidextrous & Alan Summers with even more haiku on the campus

Just leave a haiku on the answerphone! A haiku only takes six seconds to read over the phone so the cost won't be much at all!

The 24 Hour Haiku Answerphone:
mobile number 0779 4835 809
U.K. Calls charged at normal to-Orange tariff.

"The haiku answerphone: we accept calls of haiku around the clock!"

Note to American Poets:
Dialing from America: 001-44-7794-483-5809 will get you through, it only costs pennies, since a haiku is about six seconds to read.

Other American codes:
Boston 617, Chicago 312, Dallas 214, Denver 303
Houston 713, Los Angeles 213, New York 718 (Manhattan) 212
Washington DC 202

Note to Canadian Poets:
Dialing from Canada is 001:
Quebec 001-418-7794-483-5809
Toronto (Metropolitan) 001-416-7794-483-5809, 001-647-7794-483-5809
(All Other) 001-289-7794-483-5809, 001-905-7794-483-5809
Vancouver 001-604-7794-483-5809

Note to Norwegian writers; and spoken word artists:
00 + 44 + Area Code + 7794-483-5809

It can be your own go at haiku, or find one on the internet, or check out
With Words website: Click onto the more haiku at the top of each webpage to get a new haiku!

Alan's Haiku worksheet & blog at Myspace

Bath Spa University, Newton Park campus

You missed a great Renga poetry & saké Party!

==========BUSES & MAPS==========
Travelling By Bus: Bright Orange buses (service 418 operated by First) runs every 20 minutes between Bath city centre and the Newton Park Campus. (A return ticket currently costs £2.50). Check it's the 418 that goes to Bath Spa, and not University of Bath. Don't ask me why they can't give them two different numbers. ;-)
FirstGroup website: South West First Group

Virtual Tour (crucifix looking building no.19): Virtual Tour
Click onto no.19 and you get a virtual tour. The room ne101 is through the door where the girl is leaving.

Bath Spa map of surrounding area

Overview of Newton Park Campus (Site Code NP) building no.29:
Newton Park Campus

Click here if you'd like a Virtual Tour of the whole of Newton Park and village etc...

1 comment:

dreameridiot said...

I'm from puisi-poesy, and on behalf of the others, just wanted to say thanks for dropping by and leaving very good links for us. :)

There are so many exciting events advertised on your blog on your side of the world, wished the same could said of here, though there have been odd poetry readings now and then, though nothing like a poetry school at all. In a way, we are 'working' to get people in our counry interested in poetry, something which hasn't been easy.