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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

24 hour haiku answerphone details, and ambidextrous & Alan Summers with even more haiku on the campus

Just leave a haiku on the answerphone! A haiku only takes six seconds to read over the phone so the cost won't be much at all!

The 24 Hour Haiku Answerphone:
mobile number 0779 4835 809
U.K. Calls charged at normal to-Orange tariff.

"The haiku answerphone: we accept calls of haiku around the clock!"

Note to American Poets:
Dialing from America: 001-44-7794-483-5809 will get you through, it only costs pennies, since a haiku is about six seconds to read.

Other American codes:
Boston 617, Chicago 312, Dallas 214, Denver 303
Houston 713, Los Angeles 213, New York 718 (Manhattan) 212
Washington DC 202

Note to Canadian Poets:
Dialing from Canada is 001:
Quebec 001-418-7794-483-5809
Toronto (Metropolitan) 001-416-7794-483-5809, 001-647-7794-483-5809
(All Other) 001-289-7794-483-5809, 001-905-7794-483-5809
Vancouver 001-604-7794-483-5809

Note to Norwegian writers; and spoken word artists:
00 + 44 + Area Code + 7794-483-5809

It can be your own go at haiku, or find one on the internet, or check out
With Words website: Click onto the more haiku at the top of each webpage to get a new haiku!

Alan's Haiku worksheet & blog at Myspace

Bath Spa University, Newton Park campus

You missed a great Renga poetry & saké Party!

==========BUSES & MAPS==========
Travelling By Bus: Bright Orange buses (service 418 operated by First) runs every 20 minutes between Bath city centre and the Newton Park Campus. (A return ticket currently costs £2.50). Check it's the 418 that goes to Bath Spa, and not University of Bath. Don't ask me why they can't give them two different numbers. ;-)
FirstGroup website: South West First Group

Virtual Tour (crucifix looking building no.19): Virtual Tour
Click onto no.19 and you get a virtual tour. The room ne101 is through the door where the girl is leaving.

Bath Spa map of surrounding area

Overview of Newton Park Campus (Site Code NP) building no.29:
Newton Park Campus

Click here if you'd like a Virtual Tour of the whole of Newton Park and village etc...
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