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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

haiku & poetry at Gold Hill Fair

Six poets go to the Gold Hill Fair!
Fast firing words to sensual whispers, an exciting mix of poets from across the South West take a new look at life and tell it like it really is.
Tracy Wall's Tor Poets

Due to severe storm warning the organiser of the Gold Hill Fair managed to secure us the skittle alley in the Two Brewers pub, which is an eighteenth century pub at the bottom of Gold Hill at 24, St James Street, Shaftesbury, Dorset, U.K. weblink: The Two Brewers pub

BTW if you think the hill looks familiar, it was used in a famous T.V. advert for Hovis bread: weblink

The poets on Sunday 1st July 2007 were:
Tracy Wall
Alan Summers
Rose Flint
jennie gilling
Bob Walton
Anna Davies

Gold Hill Fair Website: Gold Hill Fair

Poet's weblinks:
Rose Flint
Wells Literature Festival Slam winner Tracy Wall
Poet/artist Jennie Gilling
Bob Walton, who has won the Welsh Arts Council New Poet Award
Anna Davies, up and coming poet Glastonbury poet

I also brought my Haiku Postbox and as you can see, with Anna's fine signwriting, even the fabulous Two Brewers pub staff were hooked!

Big thanks to Lottie and Kathy for being such cool participants!

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