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Monday, November 24, 2008

British Haiku Society Guest Talk

British Haiku Society's Winter Gathering, London
Saturday 22 November 2008

Talk/presentation: Haiku off the page; events, performance and activities.
Bring examples you may have of haiku presented other than on paper and pick up ideas to give you inspiration and confidence to generate small haiku events where you live.

I was invited to give a talk and presentation for the British Haiku Society at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, in London. The whole day was excellent, with the added delight that Red Lion Square contained a friendly café.

Before the talk a chat with Canadian writer Mike Chasty.

Red Lion Square:
Left: talking to poets A.A. Marcoff and Katherine Gallagher.
Right: under Bertram Russell's gaze talking to Treasurer Steve Mason.
Photographs courtesy of Frank Williams.

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