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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

FREE Royal Festival Hall "With Words" haiku event

photo©Alan Summers 2009
Alan Summers of With Words presents two FREE events
Roberta Beary at the Royal Festival Hall

Saturday 5th September, 10.45a.m. to 1.00p.m.

Poetry Library
Royal Festival Hall
South Bank Centre, London
1st Event
Roberta Beary: a reading

Alan Summers introduces Roberta who will read haiku from 'nothing left to say' her new chapbook, edited by Michael Dylan Welch; and from her Poetry Society of America "William Carlos Williams Award" Finalist haiku collection "The Unworn Necklace" published by Snapshot Press. There will be micro-open mic opportunities as well!
photo©Alan Summers 2009 _______________________second photo by Mike Keville

The first photo is of Roberta giving fascinating insights into her own life as well as haiku in America. The second photo is when we caught up with Mike Keville who took this amusing picture when I invited a lovely couple we didn't know to pose with Roberta Beary, Annie Bachini, and Matthew Paul as well as myself. The couple had apologised for getting in the way so I just had to include them in the picture! They also happen to be REAL cockneys born within the sound of Bow Bells!

2nd Event
Pestival: The Spirit of Issa

We're going on a haiku writing walk (ginko)!
Roberta Beary, with Alan Summers, roving Japan-UK 150 haiku & renga poet-in-residence, will visit various Pestival events, pausing amongst the insects for inspiration.
This event includes a FREE With Words Haiku Journal notebook.

Haiku Post-its with single insect-themed haiku or senyru on them were left strategically by Roberta Beary, and other haiku poets at various places for the passing public to discover.

photo©Alan Summers 2009 _______________________second photo by Mike Keville
Towards the end of the day Mike Keville and myself caught up with Sprite who is a delightful French/English haiku writer I've only previously known on haiku internet sites.

in and out
of the lovers' quarrel

Roberta Beary
Basho Haiku Challenge Chapbook:
Lilliput Review/Modest Proposal Chapbook series (2009)

a word on my tongue
and the bumblebee

Alan Summers
Blithe Spirit
(Dec 2004 British Haiku Society)
Roberta Beary:
With Words:

Where to find the Royal Festival Hall & Poetry Library

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formerly With Words. 
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