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Monday, September 13, 2010

Kala Ramesh, Visiting Special Guest of the "With Words" organisation (Karen Hoy & Alan Summers) and the London Haiku Group

Sunday 12th September 2010, 
Royal Festival Hall, London

With Words (Karen Hoy & Alan Summers) with their Special Guest, Kala Ramesh (Pune, India), meeting with the London Haiku Group.

Here Kala explains about raga in one of her many India inspired haiku.

photograph©Alan Summers

Karen Hoy (With Words) gives a reading of her own special brand of haiku to the London Haiku Group.
photograph©Alan Summers


A selection of photographs by 
Alan Summers and Frank Williams:
Kala Ramesh, Alan Summers, and the London Haiku Group, Royal Festival Hall

Photograph©Frank Williams 

The London Haiku Group; Alan Summers and Karen Hoy of With Words; Kala Ramesh; 
and Kalindi Kokal from Pune, India. 

Kala Ramesh, as Special Guest with Alan Summers and Karen Hoy of Call of the Page
(formerly known as 'With Words').
Photograph©Frank Williams

Frank Williams
Kala Ramesh, 
and Alan Summers listening 
into their conversation! 

Photograph©Karen Hoy

Alan Summers and Karen Hoy now run
Call of the Page:


Frank... said...

A very pleasant afternoon, Alan. A nice collage of photos...

Gabi Greve said...

How nice to see you all toghther !

Kala is becoming our international Haiku star !!

Keep going, Kala san !