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Monday, September 13, 2010

Kala Ramesh, Special Guest of With Words and the London Haiku Group

Sunday 12th September 2010, Royal Festival Hall

With Words and Special Guest Kala Ramesh (Pune, India) meet with the London Haiku Group.

Here Kala explains about raga in one of her many India inspired haiku.

photograph©Alan Summers

Karen Hoy (With Words) gives a reading of her own special brand of haiku to the London Haiku Group.

photograph©Alan Summers


A selection of photographs by Alan Summers and Frank Williams:
Kala Ramesh, With Words, and the London Haiku Group, Royal Festival Hall

Photograph©Frank Williams 

The London Haiku Group; Alan Summers and Karen Hoy of With Words; Kala Ramesh; and Kalindi Kokal from Pune, India. 

Kala Ramesh with Alan Summers and Karen Hoy of With Words

Photograph©Frank Williams

Frank Williams, Kala Ramesh, and Alan Summers listening into their conversation! 

Photograph©Karen Hoy


Frank said...

A very pleasant afternoon, Alan. A nice collage of photos...

Gabi Greve said...

How nice to see you all toghther !

Kala is becoming our international Haiku star !!

Keep going, Kala san !