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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pictures of Karen Hoy and Alan Summers reading haiku at the Dylan Thomas Centre as part of the Another Country: Haiku Poetry from Wales, Gomer Press: double booklaunch programme at the Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea, Wales, U.K.

Two Day Book Launch Events for 
Another Country: 
haiku poetry from Wales
the first ever Welsh national anthology of haiku poetry
Published by Gomer Press and edited by Nigel Jenkins, Ken Jones and Lynne Rees, it features haiku, tanka, haibun and somonka – in both English and Welsh – by forty poets, from Wales's haiku pioneers.

Friday 18th March 2011

Karen Hoy reads a selection of her work

A tri-part reading of headlining Welsh haiku writers MC'd by Lynne Rees
Group 1

Vivien Kelly
Sarah Coles
Humberto Gatica
Noragh Jones

Group 2

Karen Hoy
Rona Laycock
Brian White
Ken Jones

And finally, a reading from Group 3

Alex Morden (for Matt)
Stephen White
Chris Torrance

Saturday 19th March 2011

The Saturday Haiku Night 
At The Dylan Thomas Centre
with music

First Event: Readings from workshop participants from earlier in the day

Second Event: Headlining haiku writers including Karen Hoy and Alan Summers

MC'd by Nigel Jenkins, who explained that as well as playing between performers's readings, the musicians will improvise during the actual readings.   This was a tremendous success.

Order of performers:
Noragh Jones
Karen Hoy
Alan Summers
Nigel Jenkins
Ken Jones
Lynne Rees

Musicians: Peter Stacey and Maggie Nichols

Karen Hoy enthralls the audience!

Alan looking far more serious than he should. ;-)

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