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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

gendai haiku for NaPoWriMo aka National Poetry Writing Month


National Poetry Writing Month

2 single-line English-language gendai haiku by Alan Summers for NaPoWriMo for Monday and Tuesday April 25th and 26th 2011

corn chaff realising oil as one colour

field of dreams an unborn child's colour isn't rapeseed

gendai haiku:

It should be our method that we create haiku which match the times. This is not a new idea and was prevalent in the old days; even Sanki Saito wrote about it before the association existed. Sanki believed:     
"To the difficult question 'what is new?'

I will answer: the new means how the emotions of today's society and people are expressed to fit the times. The haiku must be innovative in any time. 

So we should begin and continue to express the emotions of the people of this time and generation."

(Gendai Haiku, S.21.10)
Kiyoko Uda
President, Modern Haiku Association
Tokyo, JAPAN
(English Translation: Akiko Takazawa)


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