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Monday, February 27, 2012

Free to enter Kids-Count-For-Earthday-Haiku Webfest

Kids-Count-For-Earthday-Haiku Webfest

The 2012 Kids Count for Earthday Haiku Webfest is in association with The Haiku Society of America; With Words (UK); Sketchbook Haiku Journal (USA); and Planetpals (Worldwide). Partnering together with the planet to bring positive messages about your world.

This is not a contest, just a fun to join in webfest celebrating our planet, with no deadlines!

The Webfest theme is "What Earthday means to you".
Who Can Enter:
Children and young people aged from 7 years old right up to 20 years from the USA, UK and English Speaking Countries (including Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii; as well as Japan; Africa; India; Pakistan; Bangladesh; China; Middle East; and Australia; New Zealand and all other countries). If English is not your first language please do add an English language version of your haiku entry as well.

Age Groups: 7 - 20 yrs old

PLEASE NOTE: This year all poems will appear on the FACEBOOK PAGE. Only Entries and no other posts are allowed on this page! Duplicate and unrelated posting will be removed.


You must include:

You must post your haiku or haiga here:

*Must be posted by parents (for under age children) or teachers as a classroom list.

For further information:

Examples of last year's haiku and haiga are here: 

We look forward to your entries!

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