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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ekphrastic haiku: Alan Summers wins the British Haiku Society journal's cover prize

shahai (photo + haiku) by John Parsons

I was surprised but very delighted to hear that I had won the prize for creating a haiku for this excellent artwork by John Parsons, artist and highly respected haiku writer in his own right.

does fish-god know?
rain can fall
from clear blue skies

Alan Summers

Publications credits: Blithe Spirit (vol 22 no. 3 2012)
Award credit: Winner of the Blithe Spirit Cover competition for issue 22/2  (John Parsons cover artwork Autumn 2012)

“Japanese culture is particularly ekphrastic, with image and poem deeply interrelated.”  

Poet and literary translator Peter MacMillan  

Other haiku by me that appeared in the current British Haiku Society journal Blithe Spirit:

hard-blue sky
the ghost touch of rain
on sloe-eyed horses

Valentine's Day
we fall in love again
over B&W movies

beads of sweat
I lose myself in
the copulation of flies

dandelion wind
mending bridges
in the mist


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