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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Mindful Writing Challenge January 2013 and Celebrating Issa, the classic haikai poet

Mindful Writing Challenge January 2013 has started, and I wanted to remember Issa who was so mindful about the aspects of wildlife many of us despise including all kinds of biting insects.

My tribute haiku to him though is about the famous haikai verse about the impermanence and transient aspects of life he called the world of dew, which also related to the tragic deaths of members of his family, including children.

tonight's world of dew
if a moment Issa's shade
would walk beside me
memorial haiku by Alan Summers

About Issa:
Issa Day:

Although Issa Day is actually every November 19th in Japan, some celebrate today as well.

Here's an extra treat about Issa, including a wood carving of Issa, and a video by Robert Hass:

Issa Memorial Museum:

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