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Monday, December 01, 2014

Christmas, Winter, and snow - haiku by Alan Summers

Merry Christmas and Holidays to everyone around the World from With Words!

Christmas, Winter, and snow haiku 
by Alan Summers
(online tutor of With Words)

hard frost-
the snail-hammerings
of a song thrush

Publication Credit: Muttering Thunder vol. 1, 2014 

northern lights 
a boy makes a ladder 
out of his telescope  

Publication Credit: Blithe Spirit 24.3 (August 2014)

dark snow the night begins its winter

Publication Credit:   brass bell: a haiku journal (Winter 2014)

waxing ice moon
through the alleys
a market sets up

Publications credits: Simply Haiku: September 2003, Vol. 1, No. 3

the limbs of trees broken Snow Moon

Publication Credit: Derafsh-e Mehr Issue#4 Winter & Spring 2014

Gare du Nord shifting art deco snow

Publication Credit:   brass bell: a haiku journal
One-Line Haiku curated by Zee Zahava (Monday, September 1, 2014)

Old Man’s Beard a cyclist wobbles the length of it

Publications credits: a handful of stones (1st February 2011); A Blackbird Sings, a small stone anthology ISBN 978-0-9571584-2-9 ed.  Fiona Robyn & Kaspalita Thompson (Woodsmoke Press 2012)

Clematis vitalba L. is the UK's only native Clematis. Commonly known as 'Old Man's Beard', it can be seen scrambling through hedgerows and trees along the roadside, and is especially obvious in the winter months. Its Latin name refers to its flower colour and climbing habit (alba = white; clematis = climbing; vitalba = white vine). One or two other Clematis species sometimes escape from gardens and become established in the wild. Of these only Clematis flammula bears any resemblance but its flowers are somewhat larger than those of C. vitalba and pure white, and its leaves are a different shape (bi-pinnate).

David Morgan, The Clematis, the journal of the British Clematis Society, Winter 2002

dark morning...
the sushi bar opens up
for the train station

Publications credits: Aesthetics, (Bath Spa University 2007); Haiku Friends Vol. 3  ed. Masaharu Hirata (Japan, Osaka 2009)

Oxford Street
the sweet chestnut vendor’s
blackened fingers

Publications credits: Snapshot Press Calendar 2011
Award credit: Runner up, Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar 2010

a flink of cows
the blue before a night
of falling snow

n.b. Twelve cows are a flink

Publication Credit: Blithe Spirit 2014

twilight on snow shadows deepen the grip of stars

Publication Credit: Frogpond 37:2, the spring/summer issue (2014)

virgin snow
a fox makes prints
for the morning

Publications credits: 
Icebox, Hailstone Haiku Circle Japan (Japan, 2010); a little help from my friends (Red Dragonfly ePamphlet 2011); The Haiku Calendar 2012 (Snapshot Press); fox dreams ed. Aubrie Cox (April 2012); Inking Bitterns (Gert Macky Books December, 2013) 
ISBN-10: 0992678315 ISBN-13: 978-0992678319

Award credits: 
Runner Up, The Haiku Calendar Competition 2011 (Snapshot Press)


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