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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Alan Summers - Guest Poet at Chippfest - Haiku in Chippenham

Dawn Gorman is the organiser of Words & Ears, and an award-winning poet, arts practitioner and journalist, with an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University:

"Another Words & Ears On-The-Road event, this time at the kind invitation of Brian Reid, as part of Chippfest 2016

We have two home-grown poets lined up for you - Alan Summers, who will be familiar to Words & Ears regulars, and who now lives in Chippenham, and Sam Loveless, who works there, and is part of the excellent Swindon poetry scene. The format will be the same as at Bradford's poem-and-a-pint night: bring a poem, story or song to share, or just bring yourself. All performers and listeners welcome, and of course, open mic slots always available. All donations on the door to charity."

Open Mic in both halves of the event.

First half - guest poets start with 15 minutes each, followed by open mic.

There'll be an interval of about 20/25 minutes.

Second half - guest poets start with 10 minutes each, followed by open mic.
End of the evening - guest poets both do one final poem to send us on our way.

The Busby and Cocklebury club venue is directly opposite Chippenham train station, at the white/grey building to the side of the brick building (BT).

Alan Summers: 

And for something very weird I discovered today:

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