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Are you interested in a Call of the Page course? We run courses on haiku; tanka; tanka stories/prose; haibun; shahai; and other genres.

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We will let you know more about these courses.

Call of the Page (Alan & Karen)

Friday, March 03, 2017

Call of the Page online courses - The Passion of Haibun; Senryu; Ekphrastic Tanka and haiku

All our courses can be regularly sold out.
If you would like to know more about our future courses we'd love to hear from you. 

We have a space on the haiku, but they do tend to go fast!

Please do contact Karen at:

About Karen and Alan:

Update (October 2017):
Due to the popularity of The Passion of Haibun courses we are running one in 2018 right after the New Year. If that's too soon to kickstart things, we will run another haibun course later in 2018:

Call of the Page regularly runs popular online courses on haiku and related genres such as haibun; tanka; senryu; shahai; tanka stories etc...

You can also use the contact form:

A still taken from the NHK TV production:
Europe meets Japan - Alan's haiku journey 


Passion of Haibun course Sold out!
Senryu Sold out!
Ekphrastic Tanka (and haiku) Sold out!

Many thanks for your interest in Call of the Page (formerly With Words) online courses.  These courses are conducted entirely by email in small groups. 

The assignments on all of our courses are given detailed feedback by award-winning poet Alan Summers, and prompts and assignment briefings are written by Karen Hoy.

Booking is made with payment of the course fee via PayPal to  

We will confirm receipt of your payment and your place on the course.  Please indicate in your PayPal message which course you are booking on, or you can email us separately, at with this information.  

Many of our courses fill just before the early bird rate expires, so if you are booking close to this date, please email Karen at: to check on places, or go on a waiting list.

The Passion of Haibun course is now sold out! We are very excited about this new course, as haibun gains popularity.

START DATE: Monday 27th March 2017

LEVEL:  Participants should have some existing experience of writing haiku, but may be beginners, "improvers", or advanced, at haibun.

GROUP SIZE: Up to 4.

If you would prefer to write "tanka stories" where tanka take the place of the haiku within a haibun, please let us know when booking.  

We've had a lot of enquiries for this course (thank you!), so will run a second one if there is the demand.

FULL COST:  £125 or US$160

EARLY BIRD RATE (if booking by March 13th 2017):     
£105 or US$135

For a description of haibun, and some inspiring quotes, please see Alan's blog, here:

Sold out!
START DATE: Thursday 6th April 2017

LEVEL: Beginners at creative writing; beginners at senryu; improvers of senryu.

GROUP SIZE: Up to 5.

We are running our first course dedicated to senryu.  How is a three-line senryu different to a three-line haiku, in content, style and language?  Submitting three draft senryu three times over two months, we'll explore these questions, but also try to find our own "voice" with our senryu.

FULL COST:  £95 or US$125

EARLY BIRD RATE (if booking by March 23rd 2017):  £83 or US$110

See Alan's piece on senryu:

Ekphrastic Tanka
now sold out!

START DATE: Tuesday 2nd May 2017

LEVEL: Beginners at tanka; improvers, and advanced tanka writers looking for new inspiration.

GROUP SIZE: Up to 5.

We think tanka, with its five lines moving between concrete images and human sensibilities is perfect as a form to explore ekphrastic writing - work inspired by artforms, especially paintings and sculpture.  Submitting two poems three times over two months, participants will be given links to artwork, but also encouraged to explore their own tastes in art from which to write.  

Ekphrastic haiku have even fewer words than tanka in which to respond to the artwork, but participants may choose to submit haiku as alternative to some of their tanka poems during their assignments.

FULL COST:  £95 or US$125

EARLY BIRD RATE (if booking by April 11th 2017):  £83 or US$110

Courses starting Summer 2017
From June onwards we will be running other courses as well including the popular haiku courses for new and experienced writers.

You can ask to be notified when we have dates - please email  Thank you!  Karen and Alan.





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