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Saturday, July 27, 2019

monobun haibun prose+haiku hybrid poems


is somewhere between violet and green—if the colour doesn’t lie—that connects us; we are really not infinity, but you left me, you destroyed my pale heart, and a coffee, left unsaid, and unanswered.
rambling journey
I become a trifold
of my past

after Claude Monet, 
from a letter to Paul Cézanne

fairygrowth©Alan Summers

It's the small things...

that count, and I read that they too will die, the unknown and unseen insects who befriend roses, on the window ledges of prisons.
mosaic rain:
the cul de sac
of shadow

after Sylvia Plath

perspective©Alan Summers

The uncertainity principle...

is something that haunts so many of us just starting out on life, hovering just beyond the periphery of parental constraints, where we fly or fall on a single smile, and…

blustering wind 
does she really love me 

after Heisenberg

3 monobun©Alan Summers
monobun term created by Alan Summers

Three monobun (over two issues) of Human/Kind journal:

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Neena said...

Dear Alan

These are such strong visual images in such few words. Loved all 3 of them, deepening my knowledge of haibun and monobun. Thanks a ton!

Warm regards

Area 17 said...

Thank you Neena!

warmest regards,

Marilyn Ward said...

Beautiful words and images, I enjoyed them immensely

Area 17 said...

Thank you Marilyn!

warm regards,