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Monday, April 06, 2009

Bath Spa Train Station Renga Party

Images©Alan Summers from the very successful Bath Spa Train Station renga party on Platform 2 in Dashi Sushi Bar on Easter Monday April 5th 2010.

Scribing Lines
The Bath Spa Railway Station Renku
Hosted by With Words (Alan Summers & Karen Hoy), with Marshall Hryciuk & Karen Sohne, Canada, and friends.

scribing lines
across the fields
Easter journey

Sue Shand
hopping on one foot
grandchild counts ducklings

Karen Sohne
the empty home
a kettle whistles
as a train rumbles past

Zoe Blackmore
while bonfire smoke drifts
through a bare tree

Andrew Shimield
I have even lost
the moon

Mimi Thebo
as I admire
Monet's Haystacks

Alan Summers
lemonade glasses
by the half-done jigsaw

Karen Hoy
where the leaves meet
blue leaves of sky

Liz Brownlee
ice cream
how long
out of the freezer

Karen Hoy
longing for love's lick
dirty dishes pile high

Tracey Kelly
the damp spot
on my expensive shirt
a night's tears

Alan Summers
the world is suddenly interested
in Portuguese Water Spaniels

Mimi Thebo
off Somalia
the Captain's alive
and three pirates dead

Yu Yan Chen
crows pierce the crystaline horizon

Tracey Kelly
inside the cat curls
snug on the warmest chair

Zoe Blackmore
half moon
my wife's unvarnished

Alan Summers
the tree rattles bones
the wind shakes

Liz Brownlee
today I smelled the earth

Mimi Thebo
the elderflowers
bow low

Sue Shand
light on the froth below the weir
clouds float

Liz Brownlee
as I drink
through the harp
in my Guinness

Sue Shand
piggyback he sees his dad's view

Alan Summers
two lines summer
Alan and Karen

Tracey Kelly
sunbathing on the roof
the radio DJ tells us
to roll over

Karen Sohne
rockets explode
in showers of golden rain

Sue Shand
Orion's Belt
I sneak another notch
in mine

Alan Summers
this diamond day we set the date

Sue Shand
my new babes gaze
joins my heat to her's

Liz Brownlee
the length of the valley
the bullstag's

Andrew Shimield
Jupiter's moons
through someone else
s telescope

Karen Hoy
roasted chestnuts
start to appear
on London street corners

Alan Summers
snakes in the beard
of the sun god

Karen Sohne
light on the river
on the green tour boat

Marshall Hryciuk
tiny butterfly
over the new lawn

Karen Sohne
in a swirl of blossom
the dustmen
fill their cart

Andrew Shimield
letting go of the balloon
with a gentle wave

Yu Yan Chen

 Alan Summers was roving renga poet-in-residence during Japan-UK 150.

Marshall Hryciuk ((President of the Haiku Society of Canada 1990 – 1997)) was sabaki for this event.

Karen Sohne (Toronto, Canada) acted as the scribe.

The event stayed at Dashi Sushi Bar for a number of hours, before moving onto a nearby park in Bath.  Early evening we moved to the famous Raven pub in Bath for refreshments and to perform the completed renga.

Karen Hoy assisted me as co-host at the event, so we could look after the needs of all the participants while guest sabaki and scribe Marshall Hryciuk and Karen Sohne from Toronto, Canada, could concentrate totally on the renga aka renku.

With Words (myself and Karen) insist that participants in a renga enjoy themselves in a relaxed atmosphere.  As a kasen renga can take six hours, there was plenty of opportunity for people to visit museums and galleries, do a little shopping, and generally come back in their own time.

all photographs©Alan Summers
Please contact me at for permission to use any of these photographs. 

Scribing Lines Renku

journal publishing credit: 
Notes from the Gean vol 2 issue 3 (December 2010)

Petals in the Dark
15 renku led and edited by Marshall Hryciuk 
(catkin press, 2015)

*Also please still feel free to drop a few short poems about trains into the comments box.

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Dru Marland said...

Here's my only train based poem

I can't hear it, though
I can see the crow crowing
Through the train window

Hope the station renga was fun!

Area 17 said...

It's this Easter Monday, 1pm Bath Spa Station, in Dashi Sushi Bar if you and Katie are up for it. You can just pop in for twenty minutes, for a verse or two! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Here's one:

Skirting cold lakes
A train dissipates
In moonlight

Mike Chasty

Alison said...

You made me realise how often I write about trains! The latest couple -

evening train -
the young commuter reads
a president's biography

westbound train
sliding out from under
back-lit cloud

Alison said...

and some older ones -

westbound train
glides along beside
still water

writing on eggshells
recording words on skin
with a finger tip
across the misted
window of a train

Liz Brownlee said...

Hello Alan, I thought this while watching yesterday, but can't think it hasn't been said before:

as the train gathers speed
we wave goodbye
more quickly

Area 17 said...

I rather like this! It doesn't just suggest the funny side of it, but goodbyes in general, and our own transience, but how we sometimes waste time in even saying hello and getting to know a friend or family member.