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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

haiku published in the 2010 Haiku Calendar

image©Snapshot Press
“Don’t think that calendars are just for keeping the dates straight … If you were only interested in excellent haiku from this choice of international authors, this would be an exotic addition to your bookshelves, even when the years have passed beyond this one.”
Lynx (USA)

I'm delighted to be able to say that two of my haiku are to be published in the terrific Haiku Calendar for 2010!

The first lines of each haiku:

‘yellowing fields’

Alan Summers (England)
Runner-up, The Haiku Calendar Competition 2009.
The Haiku Calendar 2010 (Snapshot Press, 2009).

Adjudicator's Report

This year 768 entries were received from 104 entrants residing in 14 countries across 4 continents:

USA (54 entrants), England (26), Canada (6), New Zealand (4), Scotland (3), Wales (3), Australia (1), Austria (1), France (1), India (1), Ireland (1), N. Ireland (1), Singapore (1), and Sweden (1).

As ever, in the initial stage of adjudication each poem entered faced one simple criterion – its quality as a haiku. The shortlisted haiku were then judged according to their originality and relevance to their assigned months, particularly with regards to seasonal references.

With 52 haiku by 37 authors, the resulting 2010 calendar continues a rich tradition exploring and celebrating the continuing relevance of seasonal references in English-language haiku.

Many thanks again to all entrants for making both this contest and the calendar a worthwhile, and ongoing, experience. I would like to congratulate all the winning poets, and hope that their haiku will be widely appreciated throughout the coming year.

John Barlow

To Order Now
The Haiku Calendar 2010 can be ordered online or by mail order.


Ralf Bröker said...

Nice project. Think about ordering it.

Best wishes

Alison said...

congratulations! that's great news! I'm going to get one,

Swithin said...

Alan! Where do you get the energy...let alone the time! You're an inspiration! I think I've signed you up to my Art Lot Blog re my StroudFm radio show...if not, let me the moment it's an exclusive club, so if any of your blog readers would like to find out more and join, if they email me at I'll add them...

All power to your writing! Swithin