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Monday, January 18, 2010


Buy Haiku Journal Notebooks
from the "Shop With Words"

Watch out for new items on ebay in the near future from the
"Shop With Words"


History of With Words Haiku Journal.
It all started when an earlier version called the Haiku Fieldbook was designed specifically for, and launched at the first Bristol Festival of Nature, in 2004, the U.K.'s largest celebration of natural history.

I was haiku poet-in-residence for this festival over a six week period giving haiku writing walks in woodlands, and zoos etc... as well as workshops and haiku writing walks for schools.

The Haiku Fieldbook evolved into the Haiku Journal notebook which was officially launched at the Royal Festival Hall in London (part of Thames Festival and Japan-UK 150 celebrations).

As Japan-UK 150 haiku & renga poet-in-residence I have given workshops and walks up and down the country.
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Two hour Haiku Journal workshops for all kinds of writers, including non-fiction, are also offered nationally.

The very first happened with the fantastic organisation Creative Writing Bath: How to Keep a Haiku Journal. We hope to repeat this particular workshop later this year.
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