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Call of the Page (Alan & Karen)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Great offer on the With Words online tanka poetry course - Machi Tawara sold three million copies of her first tanka collection just in Japan alone, become inspired!

We now have a brand new name and website!

For tanka:

For more information about courses in 2018 don't hesitate to email Karen at the new email address of:

If you are interested in a tanka class, that is a tailored individual course, to set you up before Christmas, just drop Karen a line for an information pack:

Machi Tawara sold several million copies of her first tanka poetry collection in Japan, and the USA; France; and many other countries too!

Akiko Yosano was the first major modern tanka poet inspiring thousands of people including Machi Tawara, and now that could by you!

For quotes etc...

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