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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

London Haiku Poetry event plus South East England Residential course: The Holistic Approach to haiku: self-development through poetry with Alan Summers

As well as our regular yearly residential haiku course in S.E. England, just outside London, we are looking forward to planning a London Haiku event in the new year too, but more about that later!

For now, our residential course details, where the food is incredibly delicious, and the refreshment breaks are filled with the aroma of hot drinks of all kinds, and wonderfully fresh cake and biscuits.  And we can relax into the holistic approach of haiku...

Residential Week-end Course in South East England:

The Holistic Approach to haiku:
self-development through poetry
with Alan Summers

February 2014
Friday to Sunday 21st- 23rd 
Claridge House
Dormans Road, Lingfield, Surrey, RH7 6QH
Registered Charity no. 228102.

Tel. 0845 345 7281 or 01342 832 150

You can phone Claridge House to ask about the course, and they'll have an info sheet I designed for them, so they can answer your questions about haiku:  

0845 345 7281 
01342 832 150 

A friendly inclusive course that finds out just what makes a haiku poem really tick.  We'll look at how our experiences, both external and spiritual, can become haiku, and act as important records of our life.

There will be time for plenty of one-to-one feedback, and group discussions with lots of time for questions.

Plus there will be a debut of a number of new approaches to haiku to help both newcomers and those still learning.    A lot has happened with haiku in the last handful of years, and I'll show how we keep the traditional form but in Japanese style update it at the same time.

We'll also check out the popular new Yotsumonos derived from Chinese puzzle-poems for fun, and finish the course with the ever popular linked verse poem called renga.

Here’s the schedule of participation time from last time including:

meal breaks, rest breaks, tea, coffee and scrumptious cake and biscuit breaks, oh you lucky people, the food and refreshments are out of this world and available for those who are non-gluten, non-wheat, non-dairy, and vegetarian and vegan diets. 

I love all the diets provided, and diet means lots of food if you want, but beware second and third helpings are addictive.

For more information:

Alan Summers is a Japan Times award-winning writer, editor with two literary magazines, and awarded a Ritsumeikan University of Kyoto Peace Museum Award for haiku.

His collection of contemporary haiku poems called:
Does Fish-God Know
(released Autumn 2012) is available at Amazon:

Alan also appears in the Norton anthology on haiku, available at Amazon or Norton:


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