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Monday, April 21, 2014

A little selection of haiku poems by Alan Summers

breaking up–
the winter landscape
of sunlit horses

Alan Summers
Selected by Isamu Hashimoto  November 04, 2013 (Mainichi Japan); Best of Mainichi 2013

long rainy season
another song thrush
returns to itself

Alan Summers
Publication Credit: Acorn Issue #32 Spring 2014

a cluster of grasshoppers
the rain shadow

Alan Summers
Publication Credit: NOON | journal of the short poem ISSUE 8 (January 2014) ISSN 2188-2967

Sacred Chao...
the winter duck keeps
its circle of water

Alan Summers
Publication Credit:  Blithe Spirit 24.1 (2014)
sacred chao:

the grass grows dark
a lamentation of swans
shape my world

Alan Summers
Publication Credit:  Blithe Spirit 24.1 (2014)

my amber resin exit button

Alan Summers
moongarlic E-zine, Issue: 1 November 2013 ISSN 2052-675X

soft desert rain
the droppings of leaf-hopper insects
from the tamarisk tree

Alan Summers
Publication Credit: brass bell: a haiku journal issue 1 April 2014

glass waste
the changes in rain
across birdsong

Alan Summers
Publication Credit:
Writers & Lovers Café, A HAIKU JOURNAL Hsinchu City, Taiwan Volume I, Number 1 Fall 2013 ISSN 2309-3315

leaves of the book...
travelling the blue atlas
on ember clouds

Alan Summers
Publication Credit:
cattails Premier Edition: January 2014

each of us born
with a number of breaths-
swallow flight

Alan Summers
Publication Credits:
Pulse—voices from the heart of medicine (inaugural haiku, October 2013)

epidermal tongues-
she scales my 200 bones
on a banana leaf   

Alan Summers
Publication Credits: Pulse—voices from the heart of medicine 2014



Nick said...

Thank you for these - impressive and instructive.

Area 17 said...

Thanks Nick,

That's very kind of you to say.

warm regards,


Carlos Gesmundo said...

Great stuff!

Area 17 said...

Thank you Carlos,

Your comment is very much appreciated.

warm regards,