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Monday, July 14, 2014

The With Words Summer Competition 2014: Haiku Section

 The With Words Summer Haiku Competition
Deadline February 15th 2015
"Capturing the essence of Summer worldwide"

The competition is now closed.   
Thank you to everyone who entered, because your contributions will have made the competition a great success.  

Competition Results:

Alongside the competition is a book project, and we will, over the coming weeks, contact entrants and ask for any personal note about the seasonal aspect they can add around their haiku.

A book that will include many of the competition entries alongside invited haiku will be produced by the Summer of 2016.  We are very excited about this!

The book about the essence of Summer:

The Competition was open to ALL countries worldwide. 

We asked:

Let us know what you think is Summer, or something similar, if you live somewhere without a "Summer" such as India or Africa.  We invite you to submit on anything that says Summer to you, or its nearest equivalent.

The competition accepted both published and unpublished haiku Published haiku could be from any year.

All approaches to haiku were accepted. 

Haiku Prizes: 

1st prize £75
2nd prize £50

The With Words Summer Haiku Prize for Unpublished Work (£25)
If an unpublished haiku wins 1st Place or 2nd Place an additional £25 is added to the £75 or £50 prize.

There will also be Highly Commended and Commended haiku.

Writers have until February 15th 2015 to submit haiku and writers notes.

Competition Results:   April 15th 2015
Judge: Alan Summers
Japan Times award-winning writer, and Pushcart Prize nominated poet. (Weblink:  Scroll down for bio)

Entry cost:
1 haiku US$1.50
2 haiku US$2
Up to 12 haiku US$9
Up to 50 haiku US$18

1 haiku £1
2 haiku £2
Up to 12 haiku £5
Up to 50 haiku £10

When submitting your haiku and writer notes please put:  ‘Summer Haiku'  in the subject line of your submission email, and include the Paypal Transaction ID number with your haiku entries to:

We accept multiple submissions of entries during the competition.

All poems will be read, and all participants will be notified of the results by April 15th 2015. 

The details we'd like you to include with your haiku entries:

Your own thoughts, comments and observations could win another prize, and be included in The With Words Haiku Book of Summer.

Each entrant to the competition may also submit personal notes on the theme of Summer.  Twelve chosen extracts from writers’ notes will each receive a prize. 

You can send us your notes, observations, thoughts and feelings, anecdotes, or explanations about your individual haiku, or about Summer in particular or in general, or the nearest equivalent to the season if you live in places such as India or Africa.  

You can send these notes either with your haiku submission, or separately at a later time, but before February 15th 2015.


brushstroke©With Words/Alan Summers

Click here for competition rules and legalities:

brushstroke©With Words/Alan Summers

The Summer Books:

Read a little about The With Words Haiku Book of Summer  

You can even email or drop a comment in that post about a feature you might like to see in the final book.  The book is all about each individual's voice, and how we all experience the Summer season. 

Click here to learn a little more:

red kite over tractor making hay©Alan Summers Late June

"Capturing the essence of Summer worldwide"

With Words is working on the anthology throughout Autumn/Winter 2015 and into the Summer of 2016.         

Watch this space!


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