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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Snow haiku by Alan Summers (South West England, Britain/U.K) produced and performed by Steve Hodge (White Lake, Michigan USA)

Alan Summers

An MP4 Quicktime Movie of a video Steve Hodge produced made up of snow haiku by Alan Summers. The piano performance is also by Steve Hodge:

Steve says: 

The routes I usually walk, or ride my bike on, are too snow-covered and icy for me to safely use here in Michigan until March, so I often take the time to create projects such as this at this time of year. 

The music in the attached video is my performance of a lullaby composed by Friedrich Burgmuller in 1858, which is in the public domain. 

The descending phrases heard beneath the melody throughout the piece have always put me in mind of falling snow. 

You can read some of Steve's wonderful haiku, including ones about snow, at this weblink:,-steve.html

Steve Hodge is the editor of Prune Juice magazine:

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