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Sunday, January 15, 2017

The online intermediate haiku course starts February 2017


The online intermediate haiku course for starting 2017 off with a bang!  

LEVEL:  Suitable for those who have already started out writing haiku.

GROUP SIZE: up to 6.

START DATE (for receipt of materials):  Thursday 2nd February 2017

EARLY BIRD COST: £80 or US$105 (if paying by Thursday 26th January 2017)

FULL COST: £95 or US$125 

BOOKING: your place is immediately confirmed when we receive your payment via PayPal to

We will confirm confirmation of your payment and place on the course.

If you need further information please contact Karen at:

Our Intermediate Haiku Course:
Haiku (plural and singular spelling) are the shortest of all short verses, with an intended arrangement of words to draw on an emotional reaction from a reader. The intention is to create an effect far greater than the sum of the actual number of words used.

“…a haiku often juxtaposes two [different] objects and challenges the reader to make an imaginary connection between them.”
From the Preface viii, Light Verse from the Floating World by Makoto Ueda
Columbia University Press, New York 1999

Traditionally haiku are rooted in the seasons, and half the poem is written by adding a season. But haiku are also ideal for both nature and urban observations, and as a kind of short-hand for remembering events. 

Haiku can also make for excellent ecological and environmental writing, as well as being highly therapeutic. 

Plus they can also work out both our ‘right’ and the ‘left’ side of the brain which is a useful exercise to help stave off memory deterioration.

Haiku is like a Golden Thread and this course will help you find it throughout our time together.

More about the online intermediate haiku course

This haiku course for up to six participants is suitable for those with experience of either creative writing or haiku already. Participants have three sessions over two months where they submit three poems each time (total 9 poems).  In the second and third submissions there is also an opportunity to submit a rewritten poem for further comment.  The course ends with an optional 20 minute phone or Skype chat with Alan to answer any outstanding questions about haiku in general or the student's work.

More about Alan Summers, your workshop leader:

His latest book Writing Poetry: The Haiku Way is due out later in 2017.

More about Karen Hoy, the course organiser:


Also available throughout each year is our popular individual feedbacks when you want fast feedback for a magazine or competition, or collection:

Feedback on your haiku on a one-to-one basis at any time, minimum total booking ninety minutes which can be spread over a period of submissions.

If you wish to book a block of hours (for instance for help with editing/creating a collection) then price reductions start with four hour bookings.

Collections with themes:
Themocracy: The Themocrats and their Concept Albums
Four book reviews by Alan Summers of writers who weave theme: 

Call of the Page, formerly known as With Words, will be starting more of its 2017 range of courses based around haiku and related genres later in the New Year/Spring.

Call of the Page, formerly known as With Words.
We have been running online courses in haiku (and related genres) since June 2009, and day schools and residential in-person courses at various venues since 1999. 

Alan regularly has participants on his courses from around the world including USA; Canada; New Zealand; Australia; Singapore; Europe; U.K.; India etc…

"Thank you for your feed back. You make things seem so clear ...  So enjoyed reading the others' work too."  MB

"I have enjoyed the course tremendously and know that I will return to Alan's notes frequently as I continue to write tanka."  J

This course has been a really great experience for me. I have absorbed all the feedback and it has had an important impact on my writing.  I agree with everything Alan has said regarding my haiku and it is amazing that Alan has put his finger on every little shade and "flaw" of my haiku in such a detailed way.”  ML

“Trying to distil very personal moments and memories into a few lines is something I have never attempted before, in fact never thought of before - and for that I thank you.”  AS

“Hi Alan - thanks so much for this … I really had no idea there was so much to this art, and I'm completely fascinated. Your comments are extremely perceptive.”  MK

Alan Summers: Bio

Alan is Lead Tutor of the new organization Call of the Page, an international provider of literature, education and literacy projects, formerly known as With Words.

Just this January (2017) he became the new President of UHTS:

For a more extensive biography see:

His latest book Writing Poetry: The Haiku Way is due out later in 2017.


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