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Sunday, February 04, 2018

Helen Buckingham - latest haiku collection Sanguinella - now released and available to buy if you are serious about haiku and senryu

Text © 2017 Helen Buckingham ISBN 978-1-947271-11-1
Red Moon Press

first printing 

The Touchstone Distinguished Books Award Committee Announces Its Shortlist for 2017

and from 80 books nominated for this year’s award which represent a rich variety of English-speaking books from many nations and haiku traditions Helen Buckingham's book is included: 

Helen's haiku and senryu are brave and never "just raw" for the sake of it. As a human suffering great pain, great humour is either required, or just part of Helen's DNA.   Perverse fate comes in many shapes and guises for those with invisible diseases and chronic illnesses.

As the husband with a wife who has M.E. (officially) since we first dated, I know only too well at least some of the trials and tribulations. But Helen is a strong voice for those who did not come out of the other side. I salute you, Helen, and all the women, children, teenagers, and adults of any gender, who go through M.E. and the ignorance that abounds both by some professionals, and those not so professional.

Over 200 haiku and senryu, many of them known classics, and others that will become new classics, both of Helen's body of work, as well as in haiku and senryu globally.

Sanguinella, haiku of Helen Buckingham$15.00
<strong><i>Sanguinella</i></strong>, haiku of Helen Buckingham
Helen Buckingham says it herself: “Fifty-eight years since the seed was planted, Sanguinella provides a scrump back through the often bloody orchard that constitutes my life until now, from the rural pickings gathered over recent years in the bonsai city of Wells, to the tangled branches of a childhood spent battling various forms of blight in a mulberry-stained corner of South London.”

This book is available from Red Moon Press, and is highly recommended if you are serious about life and poetry, and how to communicate.

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