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Call of the Page (Alan & Karen)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Caught in the act!

looking up
above the seat in front
a child’s eyes

sunlight breaks
on a bird
and its portion of the roof

hi   wa   torini   yane   no   ibasho   ni   sosogi   keri

Trans. Hiromi Inoue
Ehime Prefecture, Japan


Area 17 said...

Hi Tim,

Check out my comments on your blog where I've supplied links to Haiku Oz and paper wasp, and hope to see your work in paper wasp in the near future! (-;

Alison said...

What a blatant act of poetry! Shocking!

Area 17 said...

I caught another one yesterday, who knows what will happen today.

Area 17 said...

Hi Tim,

I live in the U.K. but did live in Ipswich around the Churchill suburb. I was a member of the Queensland Poetry Association and a regular at the spoken word events at the Metro Centre; and I'm a Lifetime member of FAWQ. Wish I was back, but having a good time over here too!

Area 17 said...

The Metro Arts Centre now known as !Metro Arts, is straight down Edward Street from Roma Street station.

!Metro Arts

Area 17 said...

Basically, with haiku publications, you shouldn't, because of the quick turnaround with replies back, as long as there is a S.S.A.E. enclosed, or it's an email submission that they state they are happy for subscribers to submit work by.

If it's other poetry publications, well... one or two take 2 years to reply, honest. I know one good collegue who submitted the same poem to a magazine because they had no reply for two years, and guess what, the magazine that took 2 years, suddenly, by sheer coincidence, replied the same day as the one submitted to within a couple of weeks or so. It was resolved very amicably because they both knew and respected the poet. But, yikes, a hard one to say, maybe choose publications in different and far flung countries? (-;

alexhighrise said...

what exactly is the form of a haiku?

Area 17 said...

hi alexhighrise!

If you go to my With Words and check out my what is haiku site it gives you an idea. Even in Japan there is no fixed definition and they have been breaking their own rules for centuries. (-;