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Call of the Page (Alan & Karen)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

down the sidewalk
an old vagrant
with daisies in his mouth

Hobo #21
NSW, Australia 1999


sangeet said...

Very nice Alan! We must have a chat sometime. I live in Newport, not far from either you or Matt, and it would be nice to get together..


Area 17 said...

Hi Sangeet,

I sent a message via your website about a haiku event in Southampton.

We must meet up, especially if you can't make the Southampton event!

I'm at my haiku cafe Thursday and Friday lunchtime 1-2pm but can meet up in Bristol; Bradford-on-Avon or further along the line (railway station wise as I don't drive.)

I like Newport, but not the rail station. My partner had to have the ladies toilets closed down as she has never seen anything as bad, and she is a well-travelled person!

Details about my Bristol haiku cafe residency