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Monday, December 31, 2012

Alan Summers, one-line haiku in premier haiku magazine Roadrunner, plus haiku prize

Two of my one-line haiku were accepted for Roadrunner Haiku Journal, a premier publication on haikai literature.

Hirst's butterflies disturbing the exhibits people

chestnut moon shifting in my memory ghost floors

Publication Credits: Roadrunner 12.3 (December 2012)

I have a number of other haiku and short verse under various pseudonyms as part of the MASKS 4 feature.  There'll be a prize for the most guessed correctly.

Roadrunner Haiku Journal was founded and edited by Jason Sanford Brown beginning in 2004. With the first issue of 2009, Scott Metz took over as editor, and has since coedited with Paul Pfleuger, Jr.

R'r is an online journal seeking to publish the best and most diverse in English-language haiku (including senryu, zappai and short poetry inspired by haiku).

Various people have helped make Roadrunner become one of the foremost magazines about contemporary haiku including: Elizabeth Searle Lamb; Jim Kacian; Ferris Gilli; Miriam Sagan; and William J. Higginson.

Weblink to Damien Hirst, global and controversial artist:

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