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Friday, December 14, 2012

Per Diem: Daily Haiku featuring haiku by Alan Summers on the subject of childhood

Per Diem: Daily Haiku

The Haiku Foundation

December (31 poems): Children
How children move, exasperate and inspire us to look at life, our surroundings and ourselves.
Editor: Sonam Chhoki

Throughout December a different haiku by different authors will explore what childhood is about, possibly our most important joy.

Per Diem: Daily Haiku


umbilical cord-
a space man’s first
baby steps
-- Alan Summers

Publications credits: “Rocket Dreams” commission Read/performed U.K. National Poetry Day October 4th 2007 with Space Historian Piers Bizony and NASA images at the Planetarium At-Bristol, as part of World Space Week: 

The Haiku Foundation

Mission Statement

The impetus behind The Haiku Foundation was the realization that English-language haiku had done a poor job of promoting itself in two important venues: in gathering, interpreting, honoring and making available its comprehensive history, and in reaching beyond a coterie audience to establish its importance as a literary vehicle in the present and future. As a result, THF has two primary missions:

1) to archive our first century of English-language haiku; and
2) to expand possibilities for our second.

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