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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Haiku & Tanka: Amazement and Intensity four week online internet course led by Alan Summers

Haiku & Tanka: 
Amazement and Intensity 
The 2016 Course

MON, JUN 6, 2016
SUN, JUL 3, 2016
A four-week online workshop, where teaching artist Alan Summers will guide you through an exploration of the roots of haiku (from classic to gendai) and its sister form of senryu. 

He will also cover tanka, sometimes seen as the Japanese sonnet. 

You'll trace the forms' heritage by readings from its founding fathers and mothers, negotiate its deceptive simplicity of subject and language, and follow the evolution of English language haiku and its subforms through its modern journey. 

Throughout the course, we'll refer to a highly respected classic anthology (a downloadable handout will be provided).

In Week 1, “Amazement of the Ordinary,” we’ll focus on haiku, its origins, its language, and consider what it is exactly that makes a haiku.

In Week 2, “Being Human: The Ordinary Intensity”, we’ll look at senryu, the sister form to haiku.

In Week 3, “The Japanese Sonnet,” we’ll look at the related five-line form of the tanka.

In Week 4, “Futures,” we’ll look at the non-traditional emergent subform: gendai haiku, and reinforce and build on what we’ve learnt with haiku, senryu and tanka.

4 weeks online/$200
plus follow up month

Teaching artist: Alan Summers

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