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Monday, March 28, 2016

Yanty's Butterfly - An Anthology of haiku dedicated to Yanty Tjiam, and her family, and proceeds to Hunger Project and ActionAid

Book Cover Art for Yanty's Butterfly © 2016 by Momolu Freeman 

Yanty’s Butterfly Haiku Nook: An Anthology 
Edited by: Jacob Salzer and the Nook Editorial Staff

Yanty's Butterfly is an international haiku anthology dedicated to Yanty Tjiam (1981-2015), and her family. Yanty was a haiku poet who passed away in 2015. She was a beloved member of our Haiku Nook community on Google+. 

In honor of Yanty, 20 poets from Canada, the U.K., Germany, Persia/Iran, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, South Africa, Taiwan, the Philippines, and the U.S. have come together to create this anthology. In the spirit of Yanty, and global connectedness, Yanty's Butterfly embodies a transformative power all its own. 

This anthology consists of over 600 poems, spanning the variety of haiku forms: three-line haiku, two-line haiku, one-line haiku, four-line haiku, traditional haiku (5-7-5), concrete haiku, tanka, and haibun.

Featuring haiku by Yanty Tjiam, George Klacsanzky, Fei Zhan, and award-winning poet, Alan Summers, Yanty’s Butterfly is an essential addition to the haiku literature of the 21st century. 

In the editor's note, Jacob Salzer further describes the inherent value, and significance of this anthology: "As we lost a loved one, Yanty Tjiam, she went through a metamorphosis of her own, and in the process, she transformed us as well ...[Yanty's Butterfly] is a celebration of her life, and her haiku. It is also a celebration of our work in this genre, and the power of haiku to connect people, across countries, across boundaries, around the world." 

All proceeds from this book will be donated to Yanty’s family, and to two charity organizations: The Hunger Project, and ActionAid

More details:!contact-us/vmd5f

How to buy this anthology:!buy/c17y5

Some of my own haiku:

night of small colour
a part of the underworld
becomes one heron

Publication Credit: Modern Haiku Vol. 45.2  Summer 2014; Brass Bell Showcase: Alan Summers (July 2015)

Anthology credit: Haiku 2015 (Modern Haiku Press, 2015);'s Butterfly  ISBN-10: 1329915410 ISBN-13: 978-1329915411

family home
my goodbye 
to the god
of its garden

Publication Credit: Yanty’s Butterfly 2016 Haiku Nook Anthology

a song beginning
the cardboard box in a child
carries its own light

Publication Credit: Yanty’s Butterfly 2016 Haiku Nook Anthology

an older heartbeat
the blur of a pine marten
on the glacier road

Publication Credit: Yanty’s Butterfly 2016 Haiku Nook Anthology

sleeping rough 
I make more room
for the Milky Way

Magazine Credit: Brass Bell Night Haiku (December 2015)
Anthology Credit: Yanty’s Butterfly (Haiku Nook Anthology)


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