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Friday, July 13, 2012

Basho Has Left the Building: a unique collection of haibun by Colin Stewart Jones (Gean Tree Press)

Basho Has Left the Building is a collection of haibun and graphic haibun by Colin Stewart Jones with an  introduction by Jane Reichhold and back page blurb by Penny Harter:

This is a strong collection of haibun, exhibiting gritty power as Jones explores innovative formats, ranging from stream-of-consciousness to incorporating original art which often functions as visual haiku to accompany the prose. His subjects include thought-provoking political and historical commentary; relived childhood memories; expressions of personal despair, frustration, and confusion; and even tender and sorrowful love poems. His prose descriptions often read like prose-poems, and the incorporated haiku startle with their absolute rightness. I highly recommend Basho Has Left the Building. In these haibun, Colin Stewart Jones has left Basho’s neighborhood as he takes us into the 21st century of haibun.

—Penny Harter, co-author (with William J. Higginson) of The Haiku Handbook, and of Recycling Starlight, The Night Marsh, and the forthcoming prizewinning e-book of haibun, One Bowl.

Basho Has Left the Building can be viewed in a flip book format on PC, Mac, and most tablet devices.  To purchase a copy just click onto the following link:

What people are saying about "Basho . . . . ."

"A wonderful read and the design is superb!" -- Vida Tzetzka Ilieva

"A powerful collection—innovative, sublime, raw, beautiful. Great work..." -- George Swede

"Great work! A breath of fresh air. I hope this breaks out of the JSF niche market and hits the mainstream." -- Brendan Slater

"There's something bitingly fresh and clear about everything emanating from Colin Stewart Jones, and this fine work is no exception. I am splashed by his unexpected 'take' on things, his insight that makes me gasp at an inner level, and so to smile... I haven't finished reading 'Basho Has Left The Building' yet. Perhaps I'll just keep wandering around in there." -- Kathy Earsman

Basho has Left the Building
now available to buy in e-pub format

download for all devices and own forever for just $2.99 here:

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