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Thursday, July 19, 2012

haiga artist Kuniharu Shimizu of Tokyo selects a haiku by Alan Summers for his artwork

Kuniharu Shimizu said:
" I like the contrast of the subject matters, big truck in the artwork, and a can of coke in the verse. However the sizes differ, both are man-made things, expressing their existence in their own ways."

Please feel free to add a comment or two both on this blog, and at Kuniharu Shimizu's website:

Donna Fleischer says:
"What an imaginative pairing. The gleam of the industrial world of machines and metal, and cans of cherry cola, with room for a morning star.

Posting this at my blog word pond, with delight! Thank you both!"

Donna's Word Pond link:

About Donna:

Donna Fleischer

In December 2011, Fiera Lingue published seven new poems, honoring Donna among “those poets I evaluate as representative of our times” (Anny Ballardini, editor).

Her recently published poems include: "The Red Photogram", in Visions, Voices, and Verses, an anthology of poems of ekphrasis (Exiles Press and The New Britain Museum of American Art, 2012).

Donna has also been the assistant editor of bottle rockets, a journal of the small poem, and of bottle rockets press anthologies and serial volumes (2007 to 2013)



Frank... said...

Great haiga, Alan. Very nice pairing of haiku & photo. Congrats...

dfleischer said...

Alan, joyful thanks to you for your generous and kind act of carrying information about my own work to your blog. You are a true teacher. ~ Donna