Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dates for the next online haiku & tanka courses in 2013

With Words have just fixed dates for our next online haiku & tanka courses in 2013, as follows:

Online Tanka courses:
starting on May 1st, and July 1st.

Online Haiku courses:

starting on June 1st, and August 1st.

Costs for both of these are £45 "early bird" if paying at least a month in advance, and £55 full price.  This is around US$68, or US$83.

Here is some feedback from our first tanka course, which finished at the end of last year:

"Thank you for your feed back. You make things seem so clear ...  So enjoyed reading the others' work too."
  Margaret Beverland (permission given)

"I have enjoyed the course tremendously and know that I will return to Alan's notes frequently as I continue to write tanka."  Jan Harris (permission given)

To find out more about what the courses involve and how they run, please email for a information sheet.

Many thanks!

Karen at With Words

Tanka are well-grounded in concrete images yet infused with lyric intensity, and an intimacy from direct expression of emotion tempered with implication. Tanka contain ingredients of suggestion colored by shade and tone, setting off a nuance more potent than direct statement. Almost any subject, explicitly expressing your direct thoughts and feelings can be contained in this short form poetry. 

Alan Summers, 

Decoding Tanka (Extract from Article in Progress)

Haiku: (plural and singular spelling)
The shortest of all short verses, with an intentional rearrangement of words from language, to elicit an emotional reaction in each reader far greater than the sum of its physical count of words.  
Alan Summers, Writing Poetry: the haiku way (Extract from the Book in Progress) 

Alan's Biography can be read at:


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