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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Lime Quarter: Sixth Day: Haiku poetry showcase by Alan Summers at Cornell University USA

A month of haiku poems by Alan Summers at Cornell University USA:

lime quarter
an ice cube collapses
over jazz

Alan Summers


Publications credits:
Presence No.13  (2001); Bristol Evening Post article//Latimer’s Diary (2002); Haiku Friends (Japan 2003); BBC 1 - Regional arts feature  (November 2003); tinywords, (2004);  City: Bristol Today in Poems and Pictures, Paralaia (2004); Seven magazine feature: “Three lines of simple beauty” (2006); BroadcastLab, ArtsWork Bath Spa University (2006 - 2007); : Blogging Along Tobacco Road: Alan Summers - Three Questions (2010) Twitter Seven By Twenty (2010); See Haiku Here haiga (Japan, 2011); haijinx volume IV, issue 1 (2011); Derbyshire Library Service Poem a Month (June 2011); The Haiku Foundation Per Diem  series Haiku of the Senses (22nd March 2012); Multiverses 1.1 (2012)

Art Exhibitions:

Floating World Japanese Festival
with Trevor Haddrell

Bristol Floating Harbour September 2003

The Haiku Experience
Front Room - Totterdown Art Trail, November 2003

East meets West
The Art Gym - Hengrove Community Arts College
linocuts with Trevor Haddrell
November 2003

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