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Monday, March 04, 2013

Fourth Day: Haiku poetry showcase by Alan Summers at Cornell University USA

Cornell University, Mann Library
Supporting learning and research in the life sciences, agriculture, human ecology and applied social sciences:

A month of haiku poems by Alan Summers
at Cornell University USA

Daily Haiku series created by Tom Clausen

an attic window sill
a wasp curls
into its own dust

Alan Summers

Publications credits:

Woodpecker Special Issue, Extra Shuttle Issue ISSN 1384-6094 (1997); Snapshots Four  (1998); First Australian Online Haiku Anthology (1999) now:; Haiku International 2000 Anthology, Japan ISBN 4-8161-0675-8 (2000); HaikuOz Information Kit (2001); The Omnibus Anthology, Haiku and Senryu, Hub Editions ISBN 1-903746-09-4 (2001); Cornell University, Mann Library, U.S. "Daily Haiku" poet (October 2001); (2002); Yomiuri Shimbun (for my birthday, September 16th 2002); The New Haiku, Snapshot Press, (2002); Raku Teapot: Haiku Book and CD pub. Raku Teapot Press in association with White Owl Publishing Book: ISBN 1-891691-03-1 CD:  ISBN 1-891691-04-X (2003); First Australian Haiku Anthology, Paper Wasp ISBN 0 9577925 9 X (2003); Yomiuri Shimbun Go-Shichi-Go On-Line feature Language Lab (2005); Swot, arts & literature magazine, Bath Spa University (2007); Travelogue on World Haiku Festival 2002 , Part 2  (Akita International Haiku Network, Japan 2010)

Award credit:
Highly Commended, Haiku Collection Competition, Snapshot Press (1998)
Joint 7th Best of Issue, Snapshot Five (1999)

HaikuOz Information Kit, the Australian Haiku Society:
Getting Started With Haiku


1 comment:

dfleischer said...

Your placement of "into" on the third line makes such a fine difference. –Donna