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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Eleventh and Twelfth Days - Haiku poetry showcase by Alan Summers at Cornell University USA

A month of haiku poems by Alan Summers at Cornell University, Mann Library, USA

Cornell University, Mann Library
Supporting learning and research in the life sciences, agriculture, human ecology and applied social sciences:

morning star
a can of cherry cola
starts to fizz

Alan Summers

Publications credits:
see haiku here (Japan 2012)


Monet’s pain–
the shadows of haybales
lengthening the sunset

Alan Summers
Publications credits: The Bath Burp: Poetry, Music & Arts Monthly Issue No. 10 (2012)

To see the Monet art that inspired the haiku:       

Donna Fleischer's excellent word pond
hokku, haiku, haibun, free form poetry, music, photography, & other arts (Aprll 2012)



dfleischer said...

The senryu haiga and the haiku of ekphrasis are sure to always be two best-loved. They set imagination ablaze. And, thanks so much for your kind words toward word pond. – Donna

dfleischer said...

Ought to have commented "haiku haiga". It really isn't a senryu, and I'm not really quite awake. – Donna