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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Bath Spa University Student Magazine Article

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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Blo͞o Outlier Journal issue #3 submission guidelines - nature, wildlife, natural history, wilderness haiku only!


Blo͞o Outlier Journal issue #3 submission window is now open!

photo©Alan Summers

Please see this link for what I am looking for

The new haiku submission email address:

Please send submissions of wildlife/nature/wilderness/natural history haiku to this email address only.

Please don't rush any submissions, take your time.

Submission window open from today:

Saturday 21st August to Monday October 1st 2021

Send up to five (5) haiku

Theme: wildlife, wilderness, natural history

It's also worth looking at the two issues of Muttering Thunder:

Just to warn you that they are big files, but highly worth the wait:

photo©Alan Summers

Make it your own experience, past or present, 

in the wilderness. 

Own that wilderness in your unique way.

Good luck!


Alan Summers
Blo͞o Outlier

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

The Haiku Foundation Librarian’s Cache: Poet of the Month – Alan Summers


Librarian’s Cache: 

Poet of the Month – Alan Summers

by Dan Campbell

I am delighted to be given the honor of being Poet of the Month by The Haiku Foundation.

Last Train Home: an anthology of contemporary haiku, tanka, and rengay


Last Train Home: an anthology of contemporary haiku, tanka, and rengay

Launched on February 26, 2021 by Jacqueline Pearce  (editor) 

LAST TRAIN HOME is an international collection of haiku and related poetry about trains and train travel. Edited by award-winning Canadian poet and children's book author Jacqueline Pearce, the anthology features close to 600 haiku, tanka, rengay, and haiku sequences by 193 poets from 22 different countries.

This is a gorgeously produced book that is not only for fans of trains, stations, and travel by rail, for adventure or romance, or both, but anyone who misses the sheer atmosphere of a train racing through cities and countryside!

Here are a few of Jacquie's newer haiku about trains (lately, they are more about her local transit trains):


heat wave

the night train rumbles

into my wakefulness


Skytrain whine

my thoughts become

white noise


subway tunnel

a waft of warm air

takes me back


And one of Jacquie's own favourite haiku (by her) from the anthology:


warm prairie breeze

the porter plays harmonica

in the open door


Jacquie says:

"I like it because it takes me back to my first long-distance train trip across Canada with my brother in the early 1980s (with our VIA Rail youth passes). We were on a quiet branch line between Calgary and Edmonton that no longer exists, and it felt like we were travelling through the Old West—passing rolling prairie, roaming cattle, a bleached steer skull beside the tracks, the carriage doors left open to the warm September air as we travelled, the lonely sound of the harmonica…."


The photo by Jacqueline Pearce is from a similar part of the country, on a different train trip.

I'm fortunate to have a few of my own haiku in there, here's one:

train station

the heat of the platform

in my blood

Alan Summers

NHK World TV, Japan:

Europe meets Japan - Alan's Haiku Journey (September 2015)

Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Haibun and the Blo͞o Outlier Journal Special issue #2, 2021 UPDATE


photograph by Alan Summers

Wearing two hats today!

Call of the Page regularly has one-to-one sessions with poets and their haibun and tanka story:

There are plans afoot to create another group haibun course too, so do keep checking the website:

The Blo͞o Outlier Journal's second issue focuses on the art of combining prose and poetry. Namely the two genres of haibun and tanka story. Although you can surprise us and perhaps come up with a new or different haikai or tanka genre that uses poems with prose!

Blo͞o Outlier Journal Special issue #2, 2021 UPDATE

Friday, January 08, 2021

Introducing... Haiku a friendly immersive course designed by Karen Hoy, with feedback from Alan Summers


Introducing... Haiku


The Winter 2021 course, from January 11th to March 8th, is now fully booked, so we have scheduled the another Introducing... Haiku! 

The course starts at the end of April 2021. The payment button on this weblink is now open for the April course. Thank you!


Start Date: Tuesday 27th April 2021 

End Date: Tuesday 22nd June 2021


Level: This course is designed to be gentle enough for complete beginners (at haiku, or at creative writing), but at the same time stimulating enough to introduce haiku as a new form to those who are already writing poetry or prose. It can also be used as a "warm-up" to our intermediate course. It's also a "back to what we first loved about haiku" for writers who would enjoy a reset. A highly pleasurable course to run, and we trust, take part in!


No of Assignments and Feedback: 3


Group Size:  up to 7. April course now booking.


Course Description: Participants are sent introductory materials on the start date, which will include the first assignment briefing. 

We'll engage with haiku as a reader, using gentle and evocative prose exercises to expand our understanding of what these tiny haiku can do. 

As the course continues, we'll consciously encourage our own senses of observation, and learn to key in to moments and observations that inspire haiku. 

By the third and final assignment (or sooner if you are ready) we'll have built up to writing complete haiku poems. 

There'll be feedback from the tutor on the prose exercises, line exercises, and the complete poems, in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. 

By the end of the course you should have three poems, and an inspiring foundation on which to move forward with your writing. 


Full Cost: £108 (approximately US$146).


Early Bird Rate: £99 (approximately US$134)

Alan Summers is the main online tutor & mentor for Call of the Page relating to haiku, its related genres, and tanka poetry. 

He is also the founding editor of The Blo͞o Outlier Journal, and a Pushcart nominated poet for haiku. As well as being a Japan Times award-winning writer Alan is also both a Pushcart Prize nominated, and Best Small Fictions nominated poet, for haibun.

For more details, and my “provenance” to reveal that I will take great care and diligence, do check out: 

The Blo͞o Outlier Journal Winter Christmas Eve Special Issue 2020 (Issue #1) ed. Alan Summers 

Karen Hoy (Newport, Wales), poet, filmmaker, is Courses Director of Call of the Page. 

Karen has been tanka editor for Blithe Spirit, the journal of the British Haiku Society. 

Her haiku appear in many of the major haiku anthologies including:

Another Country: Haiku Poetry from Wales, Naad Anunaad, A Vast Sky, Wishbone Moon, Another Trip Around the Sun: 365 Days of Haiku for Children Young and Old, Last Train Home, haiku, tanka and rengay. 

Karen's poetry is included in Stairs and Whispers: D/deaf and Disabled Poets Write Back (Nine Arches Press 2017). Other poetry that Karen appears in are: "My Mother Threw Knives" (Second Light Publications 2006) as well as Mslexia.

Karen also appears in ‘Ten Years On’ the Welsh Poetry Competition Anthology 2012-2016.

‘Ten Years On’ is a celebration of the best poetry submitted to the international Welsh Poetry Competition between 2012-2016. A diverse look at the world we inhabit - alive, energetic, melodic, unrepentant and moving. This anthology is for all poets who truly feel. For the brave, the exuberant, the feisty, the outrageous and the rule breakers. A chance to revel in the moment and not be afraid. After 10 successful years and nearly 5,000 entries from all over the world the competition is now firmly established on the international literary calendar. This collection contains some formidable poetry, written by established poets as well as many new voices, all of whom were fearless enough to push back the boundaries. The book also includes the judges’ comments by famous Welsh writers John Evans, Sally Spedding and Eloise Williams. ‘Ten Years On’ is a beautiful collection of bright, modern poetry.

Her documentary and wildlife credits include work for the BBC, Channel 4, National Geographic, and Discovery Channels. 

Karen has also been Highly Commended in the BBC Wildlife Magazine's Nature Writer of the Year competition (2009).

Monday, October 05, 2020

Autumn 2020 haiku, haibun, and monoku group online courses, and Skype one-to-one sessions!

Alan Summers & Karen Hoy

Find out about our January 2021 courses and other ways to stay engaged with haiku and related genres!

Scheduling of our 
autumn/fall course offerings for 2020 is almost complete. 

The following courses have now been scheduled:


 Intermediate Haiku

 (3 session course) starting Thursday 15th October 2020.


 One-Line Haiku 

(5 session course) starting Tuesday 13th October 2020.


• Haibun 2 x 2 

(2 double sessions) starting Monday 19th October 2020.

After feedback from writers (thank you!), this is now a course for shorter haibun, averaging just 200 words.

Do keep checking Call of the Page for updates:

Or email Karen and Alan at:

Skype sessions

We also run regular one-to-one Skype sessions that are very popular:


Aside from the above courses for autumn, Alan continues to be available for individual one to one students via email and/or video call (Skype or Zoom). 

Please contact us for further info, but in the meantime, you can see prices and a basic description of how the one to one sessions operate on our 'special payments' booking page here

Alan Summers is co-founder, and full-time Lead Tutor for haikai-based Call of the Page. A double Japan Times award-winning writer, he was filmed by NHK Television (Japan) for “Europe meets Japan – Alan’s Haiku Journey.” 

He is a Pushcart Prize-nominated poet for haiku, and haibun, and Best Small Fictions nominated for haibun. 

Alan is President of the United Haiku & Tanka Society, former General Secretary of the British Haiku Society (1998-2000), and Editor Emeritus for the multi-award-winning Red Moon Anthologies for best haikai literature 2000–2005. He resides in Chippenham, England.

He has seven Collections of haiku poetry


(YTBN Press 2012) 

The In-Between Season  
(With Words Pamphlet Series 2012)

Sundog Haiku Journal: an Australian Year 
(Sunfast Press 1997)

British Haiku Society Intimations Pamphlet Series (1996)


The Comfort of Crows 
(A collaborative/joint haiku collection with Hifsa Ashraf) 
Velvet Dusk Publishing (2019)

(Proletria 2020)

Forbidden Syllables 

(Bones Library 2020)

Karen Hoy (Newport, Wales), 

poet, filmmaker, and courses director of Call of the Page

Her documentary and wildlife credits include work for the BBC, Channel 4, National Geographic, and Discovery Channels.

Karen Hoy’s poetry is included in Stairs and Whispers: D/deaf and Disabled Poets Write Back (Nine Arches Press 2017). 

Her haiku appear in various important anthologies including:

Another Country: Haiku Poetry from Wales; Naad Anunaad; A Vast Sky; Wishbone Moon; Another Trip Around the Sun: 365 Days of Haiku for Children Young and Old; The Signature Haiku Anthology;  and Last Train Home, haiku, tanka and rengay.  

Karen resides in Chippenham, Wiltshire, England.