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Monday, July 14, 2014

The With Words Summer Competition 2014: Haiku Section

 The With Words Summer Haiku Competition
Deadline February 15th 2015
"Capturing the essence of Summer worldwide"

The competition is now closed.   
Thank you to everyone who entered, because your contributions will have made the competition a great success.  

Competition Results:

Alongside the competition is a book project, and we will, over the coming weeks, contact entrants and ask for any personal note about the seasonal aspect they can add around their haiku.

A book that will include many of the competition entries alongside invited haiku will be produced by the Summer of 2016.  We are very excited about this!

The book about the essence of Summer:

The Competition was open to ALL countries worldwide. 

We asked:

Let us know what you think is Summer, or something similar, if you live somewhere without a "Summer" such as India or Africa.  We invite you to submit on anything that says Summer to you, or its nearest equivalent.

The competition accepted both published and unpublished haiku Published haiku could be from any year.

All approaches to haiku were accepted. 

Haiku Prizes: 

1st prize £75
2nd prize £50

The With Words Summer Haiku Prize for Unpublished Work (£25)
If an unpublished haiku wins 1st Place or 2nd Place an additional £25 is added to the £75 or £50 prize.

There will also be Highly Commended and Commended haiku.

Writers have until February 15th 2015 to submit haiku and writers notes.

Competition Results:   April 15th 2015
Judge: Alan Summers
Japan Times award-winning writer, and Pushcart Prize nominated poet. (Weblink:  Scroll down for bio)

Entry cost:
1 haiku US$1.50
2 haiku US$2
Up to 12 haiku US$9
Up to 50 haiku US$18

1 haiku £1
2 haiku £2
Up to 12 haiku £5
Up to 50 haiku £10

When submitting your haiku and writer notes please put:  ‘Summer Haiku'  in the subject line of your submission email, and include the Paypal Transaction ID number with your haiku entries to:

We accept multiple submissions of entries during the competition.

All poems will be read, and all participants will be notified of the results by April 15th 2015. 

The details we'd like you to include with your haiku entries:

Your own thoughts, comments and observations could win another prize, and be included in The With Words Haiku Book of Summer.

Each entrant to the competition may also submit personal notes on the theme of Summer.  Twelve chosen extracts from writers’ notes will each receive a prize. 

You can send us your notes, observations, thoughts and feelings, anecdotes, or explanations about your individual haiku, or about Summer in particular or in general, or the nearest equivalent to the season if you live in places such as India or Africa.  

You can send these notes either with your haiku submission, or separately at a later time, but before February 15th 2015.


brushstroke©With Words/Alan Summers

Click here for competition rules and legalities:

brushstroke©With Words/Alan Summers

The Summer Books:

Read a little about The With Words Haiku Book of Summer  

You can even email or drop a comment in that post about a feature you might like to see in the final book.  The book is all about each individual's voice, and how we all experience the Summer season. 

Click here to learn a little more:

red kite over tractor making hay©Alan Summers Late June

"Capturing the essence of Summer worldwide"

With Words is working on the anthology throughout Autumn/Winter 2015 and into the Summer of 2016.         

Watch this space!


ENTRY DETAILS THAT WE’D LIKE for haiku only entries

a swirl of clouds and red kite©Alan Summers
ENTRY DETAILS THAT WE’D LIKE if you are sending haiku only entries:

Remember that we accept both previously published haiku as well as unpublished haiku.

Previously published haiku can be from any year.  We are keen to allow both new and older published haiku an opportunity to do well in the competition, as well as appear in the book which will be part of the Summer season project.

We also accept more than one submission of entries through the  duration of the competition. As you find your more recent haiku published in magazines, or placed in competitions, you can make an extra submission to the competition.

No attachments please, just haiku (and any notes) in the main body of your email to:

Along with your haiku entry please include in your email:
  1. Your Name
  2. Your place of residence: village or town or city plus county/region/state/Country.
  3. Publication credits of haiku if previously published.
  4. If your haiku is unpublished, just state 'unpublished'.
  5. Finally don't forget to email:
  6. And put "Summer Haiku" in the subject line
  • To know more about Alan as competition judge please scroll further down.

Please also note that we are also very interested to read your Summer anecdotes, memories, and observations as part of the competition. 

Twelve selected extracts will each win a small prize. 

They should be included in the same email as your haiku entries(see weblink: Writer's Notes

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to ask Karen who will be happy to help. 
Email Karen:
Back to the main competition page:
"Capturing the essence of Summer worldwide"
JUDGE: ALAN SUMMERS is a Japan Times award-winning writer as well as a Pushcart Prize nominated poet. He is Director/Lead Tutor of With Words, an international provider of literature, education and literacy projects, as well as With Words online workshops based around the Japanese genres.     
He is a founding editor for Bones Journal (contemporary haiku):, and was Special Feature Editor, Haiku/Haibun, Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts:

Haiku World: An International Poetry Almanac
Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years 
The Disjunctive Dragonfly, a New Approach to English-Language Haiku
Haiku 2014, pub. Modern Haiku Press, 2014

Just released Thursday 7th August 2014:
The Red Moon Anthology series is a celebration of the best haiku and related work published in English around the world each calendar year.

Back to the main competition page:


Writer’s Notes for The With Words Summer Competition

Writer’s Notes:
Each entrant to the competition may also submit personal notes on the theme of summer.  Twelve chosen extracts from writers’ notes will each receive a prize. 

We are very keen to publish individual author voices in The With Words Haiku Book of Summer, so please send us your notes, observations, thoughts and feelings, anecdotes, or explanations about your haiku, about Summer, or your nearest equivalent to Summer if you live in a country that has different seasons, either with your haiku submission, or separately at a later time.   

This part of the competition is FREE, and you could win a prize as well as be featured in the Summer books we are planning. 

These may include notes specific to the poems submitted, or about summer in general.  

We will select twelve extracts from writers’ notes for special mention and a prize.

For ideas about what to include in writer’s notes, please consider:
  • Season: what season, or part of the season, festival, special day etc are you writing about … 
  • Seasonal Location: immediate area of your poem[s] plus other geographical details
  • Full Date (time am or pm, day, month, year) of observation 
  • Comments: anecdotes; observations; notes; fieldnotes; asides; or an account of why you personally associate the topic of your haiku with summer.
  • Nature notes including nicknames and common names of species; local, regional and national names for animal; bird; plant; flower; tree; insect and various natural or human made phenomena.
  • Non-nature: name of festival; special days; birthdays; religious or spiritual observances etc…
You can either send your writer's notes in with your haiku entries:

Or send the haiku first, and then email:
with a subject line of Summer Notes once you are ready.

"Capturing the essence of Summer worldwide"
You have until next year, February 15th 2015 to send in entries and writer's notes.
Weblink back to the main competition details:


With Words Competition rules and legalities

rainbow cloud and red kite©Alan Summers

Competition rules and legalities

1. Haiku entries must be your own work in English and you must be the sole copyright owner of the work.

2.  Entry implies permission for With Words to non-exclusively publish the prize-winning poems, and extracts from Writers' notes, online and in other With Words publications.  

3. Previously unpublished haiku placed in the Commended or Highly Commended categories will not be published by With Words without the author's separate permission.  

4. We will not use your email address for any other purpose except correspondence relating to this competition, or pass it on to any third parties.

5.  The competition judge is With Words founder Alan Summers.  The judge's decisions are final.   
For details about the judge please click here, and scroll down:

6.  Alan Summers' current and former students may enter the competition.  The rigorousness of the judging process will ensure that their entries are neither at an advantage or disadvantage in this competition. 

7.  With Words will be producing two books of Summer writing.  Entries to this competition will automatically be considered for inclusion.

"Capturing the essence of Summer worldwide"

Back to the main competition page:



Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Clouds and Rain: A couple of haiku by Alan Summers translated into German by VerSuch ... das projekt gendai haiku


VerSuch ... das projekt gendai haiku ist ein deutschsprachiges blog von dietmar tauchner und ralf bröker. das ziel: den stand und die entwicklung des modernen haiku in deutscher sprache zu zeigen.

fliehende Wolken
mein Zackenmann trägt
einen Albatross

Haiku by Alan Summers
trans. Ralf Bröker
Publication Credit: VerSuch ... das projekt gendai haiku 01.07.2014 Wartende wir 

starker Dauerregen mein Kompass dein geographischer Norden

One-line haiku by Alan Summers
trans. Ralf Bröker
Publications credits: Frogpond 36.1 • 2013; VerSuch ... das projekt gendai haiku (1st July 2013)

Alan Summers leitet With Words (Mit Worten) und unterstützt Menschen, die sich für Haiku, Tanka und andere Lyrik interessieren. Er ist dabei, einen weiteren Teil des The Kigo Lab Project zu veröffentlichen: ein Experiment mit westlichen Jahreszeitenwörtern als vollwertige Kigo für ökologisch-kritisches Schreiben. Alan hat sowohl Freude an Haiku, die mancher als traditionell ansieht, als auch jenen, die aus dem Rahmen fallen.

Translator: Ralf Bröker

... geht es um Haiku, der kompaktesten Form von Lyrik. Das Haiku hat seinen Ursprung im alten Japan. Heute wollen Autoren weltweit kurz und knapp einen bemerkenswerten Moment vergegenwärtigen – und im Leser das entstehen lassen, was Worte nicht sagen. 

image©Alan Summers

With Words run both live and online 
With Words runs popular online courses in haiku, tanka, haibun, and other related poetry.
Please don't hesitate to contact Karen for further information: