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Tuesday, August 24, 2010




We are pleased to announce that the 2010 Words International Haiku Online Competition is now open:

This year at the request of some entrants we will be announcing Highly
Commended and Commended authors rather than a longlist and shortlist.

Highly Commended poets will be given the option of having their haiku
published online.

Good luck to all of you entering our next international haiku
competition, and many thanks for your support.

Results of the competition in previous years can be read at:

Alan, Karen & Kathy, With Words

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rose Hip Curry and the Sound of Poets Cooking - Book Release!

The Sound of Poets Cooking
editor Richard Krawiec
Jacar Press, 2010, 172 pages
ISBN: 9780984574001

Featuring work by five dozen poets, including NC Poet Laureates Fred Chappell and Kathryn Stripling Byer, and dozens of other nationally celebrated writers. The poems alternate with recipes written by the poets, their family members, lovers and friends. The writing is at turns sensuous, hilarious, elegant, and playful. The recipes range from Asian, through European, to Middle Eastern dishes, as well as regional favorites from across the U.S.--tiramisu, homemade curry, vegetarian meals, exotic seafood, some simple, some complex. There is something here for every palate, literary and culinary.

Proceeds from the sales of this book will be used to fund writing workshops in excluded communities. 
Click for review:
"The first step in Alan Summers' Rosehip Curry recipe (yum!) is to write for several hours in a walled garden in direct sunlight."

Wild Goose Poetry review says:

"The Sound of Poets Cooking  is a new, 172-page anthology of poems about food accompanied by related recipes, from Krawiec’s fledgling press, Jacar Press. And it is an impressive debut, featuring wonderful work from poets both familiar and new, including two NC Poets Laureate, Fred Chappell and Kathryn Stripling Byer ... and more, wrapped in a clever cover with an image of Buddha cradling a pomegranate, eggplant, carrots, tomatoes, sweet potato, chef’s knife and some spiky yellow fruit I’m not familiar with, appealingly conveying the mixture of spirituality and whimsy one might expect from poetry about food."

North American Readings for 2010 and 2011 
by Richard Krawiec and other poets

Oct 23, 3pm Greensboro Barnes and Noble,– Mark Smith-Soto Coordinator

Nov 6, Bookwalk Washington, NC – Marty Silverthrone

Nov 7, 3pm Quail Ridge Books Raleigh – Richard Krawiec

Nov 13, 7pm – Flyleaf Books, Chapel Hill – Richard Krawiec

Nov 14, 3pm Malaprops, Asheville – Pat Riviere-Seel

Nov 18, 8pm ECU – John Hoppenthaler - Richard Krawiec if you want to carpool

Dec 3, 7pm – The Regulator – Richard Krawiec

Dec 10 (possibly) 6pm, Accent on Books, Asheville – Pat Riviere-Seel


April 3, 3pm City Lights Books, Sylva, April Poetry Month kick-off – me for
now but someone else will be handling the local aspect

April 14, 7:30pm.  Central Piedmont Community College Literary Festival,
Charlotte.  This will be a big event, combined with culinary students there
cooking recipes – Richard Krawiec for now

April 23 all day event at Barton College, including readings, workshops, and
a concert by Fleur de Lisa – Richard Krawiec for now

Monday, August 16, 2010

Blast from the Past Haiku Residency; enjoy the video!

Working with Sam and Emerson who helped create Ambidextrous (an undergraduate programme now adopted for every year) when they were undergraduates was a fantastic experience as Haiku poet-in-residence with Bath Spa University Undergraduate Development Project.

Sam and Emerson (photo©Sam & Emerson):

The whole project including my haiku residency was run by student organisation ambidextrous (Autumn 2006 - Summer 2007)

This was a number of haiku projects designed by me or Sam and Emerson:

·     * haiku and renga workshops
·     * mobile haiku walls for students and lecturers
·    * 24 Hour Haiku Answering Phone
·    * web-based media project (ArtsWork Bath Spa University) 

Video project, created 20 Nov 2006 by Ambidextrous and Soft C
Viewed 2827 times so far

An exploration of haiku for the modern day, featuring Britain's leading haiku expert Alan Summers.
Created in collaboration between two student arts groups - Ambidextrous and SOFT C. 

Now enjoy the video!


Friday, August 13, 2010

anatomy of a haiku

1st Prize
Fellowship of Australian Writers, Queensland 1995 Haiku Competition

dusk at the golf club
part of a marker pole
a tawny frogmouth

Alan Summers

Judge’s Report

This poem fulfils the criteria for a haiku in a number of ways.  Haiku should be the result of an insightful moment when something links a human to nature.

The human element in this poem is strong, ‘dusk at the golf club’ : the writer is going inside. The day has ended. The tawny frogmouth is coming out; his night of searching for food is just beginning.

The centre line acts as a pivot for the first and third lines: the coming and going of two creatures who share the same territory.

The marker pole is important to both.  It is the link between them. It guides the human and the frogmouth uses it as a perch from which to watch for prey

The human will probably go into the club house and prop on a stool to eat and drink.  Is their behavior so different?

This haiku performs in the way in which a well-crafted haiku should – by leading the reader’s mind far beyond the words on the page.

Judge commentary by Janice Bostok

Janice Bostok:
Janice is an internationally respected haiku writer and editor.

Hiroaki Sato's "Haiku and the Agonies of Translation" published in a Frogpond XXII supplement of theory and analysis in 1999, included 30 of Janice's haiku.
Hiroaki Sato also translated haiku of ozaki hosai in the book called: "Right Under the Big Sky, I Don't Wear a Hat" (Rock Spring Collection of Japanese Literature) [Paperback]

Photo:C.Coverdale Subject:Tawny Frogmouth Location: Sydney,Australia (photo taken in backyard)

Tawny Frogmouth:

Introducing our Tawny Frogmouth:

Frogmouths and Nightjars:

On a very sad Note:
Regrettably Janice has passed away:

Janice M. Bostok 
9th April 1942—4th September 2011    

In Memoriam - Alan Summers

Janice became a very good friend in later years and we met in person for the first time at Katikati, North Island, New Zealand at the official opening of the Haiku Pathway:


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Totally Haiku in Wiltshire!

The following workshop is available from Wiltshire Council at a significally subsidised rate through the Participatory Arts Workshop Scheme (PAWS). 

Please see below for booking information.

Participatory Arts workshop scheme (PAWS) 

The eight hour course can be in any combination of 2 - 4 visits to the group.

Who can apply?
PAWS is open to any groups, formal or informal, based in the villages and towns of Wiltshire which are interested in taking part in creative activities. 

Groups do not need any arts experience to take part in the scheme. 

They can include:
youth groups
older people’s clubs
disability groups
uniformed groups
homelessness projects
community associations
environmental groups
holiday play schemes
school groups, 
   with priority given to out-of-school activities
family clubs
day centre groups
Women’s Institutes.

Costs and other commitments
This course only costs the group £30

Groups need to:
provide a suitable venue for the project 
nominate a leader or small group to manage and evaluate their project 
provide support/specialist workers to be present throughout the sessions 
have public liability insurance
carry out a risk assessment for hosting the project.

The deadline for applications is midnight on 1 October 2010

Please visit the Council website for this incredible offer, and how to apply:

Larkin on Living Review

Review of the Larkin on Living event with a mention of the Hull Global Reading.

Larkin and all that jazz:


Saturday, August 07, 2010

Philip Larkin's Birthday:

Reading Hull Global Renga verses

("the Philip Larkin Festival")

"Larkin on Living"
St Marys Church, Lowgate, Hull
Monday 9th August 2010
7pm - 9pm

I'll be reading selected renga verses from the six month commission 'Hull Global Renga'

The History Centre
Monday 9th August 2010
10am - 4pm
Freetown Way, Hull, East Yorkshire 

The History Centre arcade café

Also during the day at the History Centre I will be in the cafe from 10am - 4pm, so please join me for a coffee if you can, for a chat and even a renga verse or two.

Informal and friendly.


Sunday, August 01, 2010

Into Sunlight : the unfinished renga

Into Sunlight : the unfinished renga

into tropical air
rainbow lorikeets—
a mango restaurant closed

temperate cardinal
chipping his latin beat

at 45 degrees
the driving rain
filling a beggar’s bowl

these evening showers
in a field of bare trees

the clouds turn green
when snared on eucalyptus
the sacred ibis

raising its wide wings
exposing a sunrise

pointing eastwards
twitching in a dream
the dog’s paws

chasing ruddy deer
through rainbows

morning’s warm moist air
curls around my legs
unseen caress

river reeds rustling
someone comes through the shadow

a dozen crows fly
above the lone cyclist
sparrow on a branch

listening to wind blow
where does it come from?

filling a white sail
bending a tree

holding ancient forms
roots seeking clear waters
under the earth

above the street & stark trees
a gap in clouds: the moon

gentle light bathes
the opened chrysalis
strange new light

in the distance
sacred ibis rise from grass

sudden thunder
a black butterfly flitting
from flower to flower

broken cobweb
a moth flies away

dream changes
on my pillow
black and blue dust

across a white bedsheet

the shroud
of a child
before cremation

dirt and dew
glistening pumpkins

stones for the cairn
above the cardinal
claims his old branch

turning, a smile seen
night draws in

so far away
in the deepest darkness
a beacon on the hill

candle out
the sizzle of saliva on fingers

pointing the thread
only the hole can receive
for the needle

unravelled into the wind
kite of many ghosts

first flight
after the broken wing healed

Alan Summers ◊ England
Merrill Ann Gonzales ◊ United States

Azami magazine  (Osaka, Japan)  'unfinished renga' Into Sunlight  (1998)

snow on the water  
Red Moon Anthology ISBN 0-9657818-8-7  “unfinished renga” (1998)

snow on the water: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 1998, edited by Jim Kacian and the Red Moon Editorial Staff.

This anthology was also a Haiku Society of America Merit Book Award Winner.  

"snow on the water continues the tradition of the most celebrated serial book of haiku in the world. 146 poems, 20 other pieces as selected by 11 of the best haiku poets from around the world."