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Friday, May 31, 2013

Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts at the Saboteur Awards 2013, Runner Up in Best magazine category.

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Saboteur Awards 2013
Best 2012 literature, best 2013 literature, Book Club, fiction anthology, Indie Literature, poetry pamphlet, Saboteur Awards, Spoken Word:

Saboteur Awards 2013: The Winners!

Best magazine category:

Winner: Rising.
Runner up: Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts.

'Lakeview' is the only runner up in the Best Magazine category of Saboteur Awards, London.

It's a great achievement for a magazine which has just one issue published and was competing with the established and emerging magazines of the UK and around the world. The winner 'Rising' has been around for twenty years, with Tim Wells a formidable force with a well-deserved win:

We still have a lot to learn with Lakeview Journal, but what a great start!

Considering the amount of work, from all genres, it was also gratifying to see haiku mentioned, however briefly (no pun intended).

Links to the magazine, and the gendai haiku article:


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Online Tanka Courses and Workshops: The 'early bird rate' of £45 or US$68 for the online tanka course starting on July 1st is still open for another ten days

The 'early bird rate' of £45 or US$68 for the online tanka course starting on July 1st is still open for another ten days - please email: for details including quotes from previous students.

Thank you!


Karen Hoy
With Words

Tanka are well-grounded in concrete images yet infused with lyric intensity, with an intimacy from direct expression of emotions tempered with implication, suggestion, and nuance. You can cover almost any subject, explicitly expressing your direct thoughts and feelings. 
Alan Summers, Decoding Tanka (Extract from Article in Progress)

140 And Counting is a collection of the best twitter literature from the first two years of the journal’s history, on relationships, nature, work, animals, seasons, science fiction and fantasy, and mortality:

  • ISBN 978-1-937794-05-7 (epub) available for iPad, Nook, etc. from Goodreads.
  • ISBN 978-1-937794-03-3 (mobi) available for Kindle on

before falling in love
with my wife
again and again
the cries of swifts

Alan Summers (140 And Counting)

a small death
the cracked shell
of a snail
now this delay
at the train station

Alan Summers (Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka Vol. 3)


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

One of my haiku selected as Best of Mainichi Shimbun, Japan for 2012 is about Sir John Betjeman, CBE, the poet and savior of St Pancras train station

As many of you know who read my haiku, I'm a big fan of writing about trains and train stations.

My two favourite train stations are St Pancras Station (London, England) and Gare du Nord (Paris, France) followed by two South West England stations Temple Meads and Bath Spa.  But really I love almost every train station I've visited/travelled to and from in the U.K.; Europe; and Japan.

St Pancras Station London photo from Chapman Taylor Architects 301107
Sir John Betjeman CBE

St Pancras Station:
The artist behind the sculpture: