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Friday, October 03, 2014

Special offer ends today on Rooster Moans online internet course The Poem as Portrait with Karen Hoy

This course has now sold out!
Thanks to everyone who was excited about this course, cannot wait for it to start, which is next Monday. 

The Poem as Portrait

The early bird rate is expiring soon for Karen's "The Poem as Portrait" course with The Rooster Moans Poetry Cooperative.

If you share Karen's fascination with the potential for poems as portraits, and might like to explore this in your own work, then click here for more details:


Gauguin Girl

for Marre

out of the greenhouse,
past the bulbs, on your bicycle,
hair flowing,
and then rowing
on the IJsselmeer.

A work of post-colonial art,
dreamt up by trade winds,
conceived by jet engine,
root-stock spliced from two continents
and grafted,
in a third -

you are your very own,
sitting in the prow,
brown legs drawn up,
talking office talk
in perfect mid-atlantic.

Karen Hoy

Publication credit:
My Mother Threw Knives: an anthology of poems about women's lives, Second Light Publications, 2006, editors Wendy French, Maggie Sawkins and Dilys Wood.  ISBN:  0-9546934-1-8

Image credit:
Paul Gauguin, Nave Nave Fenua (Delightful Land), 1894/1895 Print.  
Courtesy National Gallery of Art Washington.