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Call of the Page (Alan & Karen)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

art café evening-
the door security guy
hums a 007 tune

Aaaaah! (-;
This was me a while back at one of the various open mike events in Bristol.


Little Onion said...


but maybe 'an 007 tune' rather than 'a'?

Area 17 said...

Good point, but if you say it out loud I feel it would be 'a 007 tune' but because the zeroes look like the vowel 'o' it looks visually correct with an 'an'! (-;

I think it's usually pronounced 'double O Seven' rather than Oh Oh Seven.

Alison said...

Maybe you could write it as 'double O seven'?

I rather like haiku that allow a little ambiguity between the text on paper and the spoken word.

Area 17 said...

Hi Alison!

I put another version up, including your suggestion, and then it's really with the fishes. (-;