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Monday, April 25, 2011

Alan's haiku created into posters at StudioManchester's Japan Art Auction

An incredible collaboration with Hidenori Hiruta and Sarah Jane Robertson through haiku and art has created the opportunity that my haiku have helped in a small way with the disasters that Japan are suffering.

It wouldn't have been possible without Sarah Jane Robertson approaching me, and for Hidenori Hiruta to be so open and ready to help despite being in Japan amongst all the sorrow.  

For more of my comments scroll further down, but for now, enjoy the images and the story.


Hulme Street, off Oxford St, Manchester

haiku©Alan Summers
translation©Hidenori Hiruta
image/poster © Sarah Jane Robertson



Japan Art Auction
Thursday 7th April 2011

An exhibition and auction of creative work was organised to raise funds for the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal, including two of my haiku which were also translated into Japanese by Hidenori Hiruta, and made into beautiful art posters by Sarah Jane Robertson of Creative State.

More than 40 artists from the UK, Ireland, USA, France, Norway and Japan pledged to donate existing work or create new pieces. The artists range from photographers and illustrators to writers, ceramic artists and jewellery designers.

100% of proceeds donated to the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal.

Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke of the legendary Manchester band The Smiths opened the exhibition.

An initial £4,660 was raised on the night!  
[scroll down for later larger amount!]

A big thank you also to the Sponsors:
Samsi Japanese Restaurants
Jonathan Oakes
Studio Manchester

Sarah Jane Robertson, Creative Director at Creative State not only kindly created two stunning haiku mandalas for the auction, in collaboration with myself and Hidenori Hiruta, she also continued to sell them via her blog to raise another £400 for the Red Cross. 
Taking the new total to £5,160! 

My profound thanks to Sarah Jane Robertson for contacting me with the suggestion of haiku art to help raise funds.

My deep thanks, respect, and admiration, always, to Hidenori Hiruta (Secretary-General of the Akita International Haiku Network) for creating wonderful translations and being such a supportive colleague, in a time of great need.

image/art © Sarah Jane Robertson

magnolia moon haiku©Alan Summers
image/art © Sarah Jane Robertson

haiku©Alan Summers 
translation©Hidenori Hiruta

image/art © Sarah Jane Robertson

image/art © Sarah Jane Robertson

Alan's haiku translation©Hidenori Hiruta
image/art © Sarah Jane Robertson 

Hidenori's translation of my haiku, and I took his literal translation in Japanese as my English translation.  Translations can work more than two ways.  
image/art © Sarah Jane Robertson 

printing process images/art © Sarah Jane Robertson 

Leeds and Edinburgh-based graphic designer, Sarah Jane Robertson created this pair of A3 mandala letterpress prints. Entitled Sunshine & Moonlight, she worked with myself and Hidenori Hiruta, in response to the Earthquake and Tsunami and radiation threats. 

Sarah then created the prints in response to the poems and letterpress printed them to give greater depth and definition, adding to the original artwork. 

photo©Alan Summers
postcards © Sarah Jane Robertson

photo©Molly Cockcroft 2011

Sarah contacted me with this idea with a very short deadline for both of us.   I don't know how Sarah pulled out all the stops to produce artwork and then have it created as a quality poster, but it happened.

Hidenori Hiruta came up with quality translations in a very short time, no easy task, and once Sarah received our work in no time she got a design idea working that could incorporate my haiku and Hidenori's translations.

Thanks to two fabulous sponsors of Sarah's who we thank profusely:
Blush Publishing from North Wales, using traditional printing techniques and vintage printing presses.

GF Smith: a specialty paper merchant from Hull, East Yorkshire going for over 100 years, and no need to say more, than if it's from Hull, it's always going to be special, friendly, and quality all the way.

Sarah Jane Robertson:

Creative State is the trading name for Creative State Studio Ltd. Registered in England and Wales No. 6557792.
Registered Office 6 Chapel Lofts, Commercial Street, Leeds LS27 8HL. VAT Number: 940 0169 54.



Caroline Gill said...

An amazing initiative!

Gabi Greve said...

Thanks for your efforts about Japan!


Japan after the BIG earthquake

Seaview said...

How wonderful to have been involved in this project, Alan!


Gabri Rigotti said...

Wonderful, both the art and the back story ... :)

Area 17 said...

Many thanks everyone for your comments. I'm glad I was able to be part of a project that raised much needed funds for this awful disaster in Japan.

warm regards,