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Monday, March 19, 2012

The March issue of Notes from the Gean is now available for cross-platform reading

The new flip format works on all browsers and platforms and devices. We have an interactive table of contents and full search facility. Readers also have the option to print, download, or add annotations.

Alan Summers, Linked Forms Editor, Notes from the Gean

Featuring some of the best haikai literature and tanka around the world; special features on what makes a haiku poem; and reviews of books from The New York Quarterly's Yu Yan Chen; and Croatian poet Tomislav Maretic; plus my interview with Jack Galmitz.

This was said of Jack Galmitz:

With much talk of haiku needing reconceptualization and/or reform, it is ironically refreshing to find an approach that relies much on the imagination while at the same time being grounded in classic poetic devices to potentially reinvigorate the English-language canon. Jack Galmitz’s haiku poetry steps far outside the humdrum of what I’ll call, “the haiku template.”

A Silver Speech: Jack Galmitz’s Haiku Years 2006 and 2007
 Paul Pfleuger, Jr. — assistant editor

If unfamiliar with this format please do click onto the image to enlarge in order to make note of the special features.

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