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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Alan Summers is a prize winner for the Japan Times Community Anniversary Haiku Competition 2012

I've just been told I'm a joint winner of the Japan Times Community Anniversary Haiku Competition.

the end of summer
tsukutsuku-bôshi heard
at suma temple

There is a legend that if the tsukutsukubôshi cicadas are heard to sing at Sumadera (Suma Temple) during late Summer that there is a small and special 'inbetween season' between Summer and Autumn.

I was fortunate to hear them sing at Sumadera in September 2002.

Here's an Image and sound recording:




Frank... said...

Congratulations on your win Alan - very pleased for you.It's a fine haiku...

Gillena Cox said...

Congratulations Alan

much love...

LECHAIKU said...

Congratulations to you Alan and the rest of the shared winners of this competition.


Caroline Gill said...

Many congratulations, Alan. Wonderful idea.