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Monday, June 23, 2014

A selection of haiku poems by Alan Summers in American magazine Modern Haiku

                     An Independent Journal of Haiku and Haiku Studies
"you ain't serious about haiku if you don't subscribe to Modern Haiku"
Small Press Review, December 2004

One haiku just published this Summer in Modern Haiku, and a selection of others from last year, plus a couple of oldies or mor from the 1990s.

night of small colour
a part of the underworld
becomes one heron

Alan Summers
Publication Credit: Modern Haiku Vol. 45.2  Summer 2014

this small ache and all the rain too robinsong

Alan Summers
Publications credits: Modern Haiku vol. 44.1 winter/spring 2013

ants following invisible trials the children

Alan Summers
Publication Credits: Modern Haiku  issue 44:3 (2013)

mist and dark I hold onto Little Bear

Alan Summers
Publication Credits: Modern Haiku  issue 44:3 (2013)

flickering in the silence
corralled horses

Alan Summers
Publications credits: Modern Haiku vol. xxvi  no. 3 (1995); Moonlighting  (Intimations Pamphlet Series British Haiku Society publication, 1996); sundog haiku journal: an australian year  (sunfast press 1997 reprinted 1998); California State Library - 1997; First Australian Haiku online Anthology (1999); First Australian Anthology (Paper Wasp 2000); haiku dreaming australia the best haiku & senryu relevant in and to Australia (2006); The Crow Walk haibun (HAIKU HIKE, World Walks, Crossover UK 'Renewability' project 2006)); Stepping Stones:  a way into haiku  (British Haiku Society 2007); Mann Library, Cornell University Daily Haiku (March 2013)

Far North Queensland
a dingo’s call picked up-
the moonless night 

Alan Summers
Publications credits: Modern Haiku (199-)

web link:
Far North Queensland

cool morning
    light on a distant cloud

Alan Summers
Publications credits: 
Modern Haiku, (1999); Azami Haiku in English Commemorative Issue  (2000); Birmingham Words Magazine Issue 3 (Autumn 2004); Haiku Friends Vol. 3 ed. Masaharu Hirata (Japan 2009)

Modern Haiku Summer 2014 backcover.JPG

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