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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Results: Prize-winning entries for The With Words Summer Haiku Competition 2015

The With Words Summer Haiku Competition 2015 Prize-winning entries


Joint 1st Prize

starry night
the Ferris wheel’s engine
softly idling

Chad Lee Robinson

dry thunder
a freight train crosses
the drought

Jan Dobb

2nd Prize
Punch and Judy–
his grip

Helen Buckingham

The With Words Summer Haiku Prize for Unpublished Work

a long line
at the ice cream stand
cracked asphalt

Neal Whitman

The competition allowed for both previously published haiku as well as unpublished work.

For Highly Commended and Commended haiku:

Details about The With Words Summer Haiku Competition 2015


Seaview said...

These are all amazing haiku and Helen's made my heart skip a beat.

anna9 said...

I like them all. very unconventional and real original. I like the way the season is brought into them, that is what I mean by original,