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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Europe meets Japan - Alan's Haiku Journey on Japanese Television NHK World

Great news! 
The video is now available on Youtube:

Alan Summers writing while pretending there isn't a film crew in the tiny living room in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, England.

Europe meets Japan - Alan's Haiku Journey 
on Japanese Television NHK World

Broadcast times:
Monday, September 21   4:15/ 16:15/ 22:15 (UTC)
and corresponding local times on cable and satellite TV.

Alan Summers is a rare breed - one of very few professional British haiku poets. Although the tradition is rooted in Japan's literary history, Alan writes his poems in English. 

He takes inspiration from his daily life; from the picturesque surroundings of the English countryside to the busy streets of London. 

Hundreds of his haiku have been published and he has won several international competitions. With a pen and a notebook in his hand he is constantly trying to capture the passing moment.

The guide to watch NHK World in different countries:


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Alan Summers is a Japan Times award-winning writer and Pushcart Prize nominated poet for haiku and haibun, as well as a Best Small Fictions nominated writer for haibun.   

His work regularly appears in leading anthologies around the haiku genre: 

Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years (W. W. Norton 2013); Earth in Sunrise: A Course for English-Language Haiku Study (Kumamoto University, Japan, textbook for teaching university-level English-language education) ed. Professor Richard Gilbert and David Ostman (Red Moon Press 2017); Haiku 2020 (Modern Haiku Press, 2021); Haiku 2014 (Modern Haiku Press); Haiku 2015 (Modern Haiku Press); The Disjunctive Dragonfly, a New Approach to English-Language Haiku (Red Moon Press 2012); Poetry as Consciousness - Haiku Forests, Space of Mind, and an Ethics of Freedom pub. Keibunsha, 2018, Japan).

"Astonishingly moving haiku" 
YOMIURI SHIMBUN (Japan) January 2005

"Widely known haiku dry as vintage champagne"
YOMIURI SHIMBUN (14 million readers in Japan) 
16th September 2002 (my birthday) 


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