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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Creative Community Festival, Radstock

photo by June Wentland, BathNES Reader Development Reader

Creative Community Festival: art|works in Radstock
Alan Summers of With Words: Renga at Radstock Library!
September 26th 2009
2.15p.m. - 6p.m.

Alan Summers holding the second shisan renga (12 verse group poem of shared writing) that we did with people before the library closed!

June Wentland, BathNES Reader Development Officer and myself travelled to Radstock in order to get a renga poem happening as part of the festival. Little did we know that people would love the idea of renga so much that we would complete two renga group poems!

This was also due to the wonderful, friendly, helpful Radstock Library staff, and nesa people.

Renga is a group poem of shared writing, and great fun!
We were all so pleased with Radstock Library users being so keen to get involved.

photo by Mel Day (wire sculpture artist:

L-R: Judy Terry, Radstock Library Manager; June Wentland, BathNES Reader Development Officer; and myself at the end of a long but delightful day!

We just loved all the verses from the public!

This was the second of two With Words haiku related events on Saturday in the South West of England.

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