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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Into Sunlight : the unfinished renga

Into Sunlight : the unfinished renga

into tropical air
rainbow lorikeets—
a mango restaurant closed

temperate cardinal
chipping his latin beat

at 45 degrees
the driving rain
filling a beggar’s bowl

these evening showers
in a field of bare trees

the clouds turn green
when snared on eucalyptus
the sacred ibis

raising its wide wings
exposing a sunrise

pointing eastwards
twitching in a dream
the dog’s paws

chasing ruddy deer
through rainbows

morning’s warm moist air
curls around my legs
unseen caress

river reeds rustling
someone comes through the shadow

a dozen crows fly
above the lone cyclist
sparrow on a branch

listening to wind blow
where does it come from?

filling a white sail
bending a tree

holding ancient forms
roots seeking clear waters
under the earth

above the street & stark trees
a gap in clouds: the moon

gentle light bathes
the opened chrysalis
strange new light

in the distance
sacred ibis rise from grass

sudden thunder
a black butterfly flitting
from flower to flower

broken cobweb
a moth flies away

dream changes
on my pillow
black and blue dust

across a white bedsheet

the shroud
of a child
before cremation

dirt and dew
glistening pumpkins

stones for the cairn
above the cardinal
claims his old branch

turning, a smile seen
night draws in

so far away
in the deepest darkness
a beacon on the hill

candle out
the sizzle of saliva on fingers

pointing the thread
only the hole can receive
for the needle

unravelled into the wind
kite of many ghosts

first flight
after the broken wing healed

Alan Summers ◊ England
Merrill Ann Gonzales ◊ United States

Azami magazine  (Osaka, Japan)  'unfinished renga' Into Sunlight  (1998)

snow on the water  
Red Moon Anthology ISBN 0-9657818-8-7  “unfinished renga” (1998)

snow on the water: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 1998, edited by Jim Kacian and the Red Moon Editorial Staff.

This anthology was also a Haiku Society of America Merit Book Award Winner.  

"snow on the water continues the tradition of the most celebrated serial book of haiku in the world. 146 poems, 20 other pieces as selected by 11 of the best haiku poets from around the world."


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Gillena Cox said...

lovely renga; cheers to you both

much love